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a bad brake caliper or pad.

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Q: What could cause a brief front end grinding or scraping noise after backing a 2005 Explorer out and starting forward?
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2002 ford explorer xlt cv joint repair?

when backing up or going forward - when we turn the car we hear a grinding noise - is this likely a problem in the rear wheels with the c v joints

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What would cause a grinding noise in a Honda Accord after replacing front drive shafts?

You may very likely have bent the thin metal backing plate behind the brake rotor. That will cause the backing plate to rub against the rotor and make an awful grinding noise. Its not too hard to reform the backing plate away from the rotor.

Why does your 2002 pt cruiser growl when you apply the brakes?

Because the brake pads are worn and the metal backing is grinding the disc

What would cause a grinding noise when breaking with abs breaks have brand new brake pads just had the hull assembly replaced and that is when the noise and grinding started?

It sounds like it could be a rust build up on the backing plate. best to have it checked out.

How do you stop screeching noise on 1998 Ford Explorer only when backing up?

if screeching only when backing up, it sounds like you have a problem in reverse gear in transmission or you have a problem with loose pinion in differential

Grinding noise when turning steering wheel while backing up in a 2000 Pontiac Grand prix?

the gear box may be going out or its metal on metal rubing somewhere

When I drive very slow I hear a scraping sound from the rear tire what could it be?

The year, make and model info would be helpful but it could be rusty or bent backing plates. I doubt it is a bearing. Bearings make a rumble noise when they are going bad. Pull the rear wheels off and inspect the brakes and backing plates.

2002 Hyundai accent front brakes and rotors you replaced them and they are still not right they make a scraping noise when you try to drive it?

Check to see if the backing plate is rubbing against the rotor or the pads may have a hard spot in them

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