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Your throttle is sticking open. I had an incident many years ago. I took foot off throttle which let the engine slow down, put foot on brake, the engine didn't speed up but the car did, very strange and was told impossible.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-26 20:46:32
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Q: What could cause a car to accelerate when braking?
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Car shakes when you accelerate hard what could be the problem?

If it only happens when you accelerate the most likely cause is an axle.

Would a defective battery cause your car to not accelerate?


What would be the cause of your car to shutt off when accelerate?

Could be a very dirty fuel filter or incorrect fuel pressure.

You get problems when starting to accelerate the car starts very slowly and then picks up what could be the cause?

You could have a slipping clutch which is not transmitting the drive correctly.

What could be wrong if jumper cables were hooked up wrong car will start and drive but not accelerate?

No. It is highly dangerous and could cause an explosion and serious injury.

What is braking?

Braking is the action of applying pressure, in an attempt to stop an object. This could be a car, bike, scooter ect.

Should you use cruise control in the rain?

No , absolutely not ( if you hit a puddle , which will slow the car down , the cruise control willtry to accelerate the car to maintain the set speed )It's not recommended to use the cruise control in the rain. Normally, you use the cruise control on the highways. When it's raining you need complete control on the car and be fully alert.( NO ) if you hit a puddle that slows the car down then the cruise control will accelerate the carbetter not it could cause the car to accelerate at the wrong time and cause loss of control

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

What would cause 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4L DOHC to accelerate while idling?

The 1995 Monte Carlo could have a vacuum leak. An engine vacuum leak can make the car idle up and accelerate.

Why Driver increases its velocity during revolving a cycle?

It is good practice while driving to accelerate while in a turn. This is because most cars have their brakes in the front wheels, and braking while in a turn will cause the rear of a car to go into a spin.

What could cause a rattling sound from the engine of a Toyota Cressida at high RPMs and how would you fix it?

it is cauused by over accelaration during the car is in nutrule so if you accelerate at that point the cars belt will get old and it would proably that the reason you are getting a wretel in your car when you accelerate

Is it dangerous to put the wrong size tires on my car?

Yes, it can cause you a multitude of problems, such as braking.

What can cause hesitation to accelerate along with a popping noise from back of car on a 1998 Civic?

You could have a sticky brake shoe or maybe the e-brake is engaged.

Can a dirty throttle body cause the car to accelerate by itself?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

With news rims and tires all balanced in front of you what other factors could cause a 2007 car to shake when braking?

you could have worped disk brakes. or your brake pads are not level with your disk brake

What causes your car to idle but not accelerate?

change your fuel filter, it could be plugged.

What cause speakers in a car stereo to ring and buzz when you accelerate the gas?

You need a better ground

What's wrong if your car won't shift into gear from park and also acts like it is in neutral after braking then trying to accelerate again?

Your transmission needs to be rebuilt or the fluid is gone.

What happens when you drive your car with the rotors low?

If the rotors are worn too thin, they could snap apart while braking, leaving you with no braking power at all.

What are the two types of braking systems on a car?

Drum & Disc are the two types of braking systems on a car.

What cause car to smoke?

the dirt emitted through the gas being used up by the car for it to accelerate its speed and make it run.

Why something squeek when braking a car?

There could be a problem, and it could be also nothing to worry about. Best bet is to have your mechanic check it out.

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

Why does my Subaru not accelerate when its cold?

if older car could be carborator,choke pull off

What does it mean when you give your car gas it shuts off?

There are several things that can cause your car to shut off when you try to accelerate. The most common cause is a bad fuel pump.