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What could cause coolant to overflow even though engine temperature is normal on a cool day and no coolant was added?


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2005-01-14 23:25:11
2005-01-14 23:25:11

An old or non-working radiator cap.


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In all probability you either have a bad radiator cap or an air lock.

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After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

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White smoke from tailpipe when engine is at normal operating temperature? Oil mixing with coolant? Coolant mixing with oil? Run engine to normal operating temperature remove dipstick and let a drop fall on hot part of engine - oil will smoke coolant will "sizzle" Misfire at 2 adjacient cylinders?

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Depending on the engine, the coolant temperature in a Cadillac could be from 180 to 195 degrees. The thermostat can be changed to give a lower or higher temp reading.

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