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If the smoke is coming from the electric fan itself, then it needs replacing. It could be the smoke is steam that the fan is drawing from the radiator, and you have a coolant leak at the radiator.

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Q: What could cause smoke coming from the Radiator Fan?
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Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

When my car gets hot there is white smoke coming from radiator?

That smoke is steam. You have a leak in the radiator or a hose. Take it to a mechanic.

What could be the cause of white smoke and overheating of your 93' Lexus Sc400?

Definitely a radiator hose leak or the rad leaking itself, check all hose connections and try to see where the leak is coming from.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause my 92 lexus to smoke?

No, any smoke is coming from the engine.No, any smoke is coming from the engine.

Sweet smelling smoke is coming from under the hood of your car what could cause this?

Probably a coolant leak.

Why does my SUV have white smoke coming out of the exhaust only when i start it though?

Could be a crack head gasket, white smoke is not good, could be radiator fluid getting onto your heads, burning off creating the white smoke, that is what happened to my altima it cost right at $1k

What would cause the car to smoke after driving it up onto a curb?

If you nicked the oil pan it could cause it to smoke from engine area. Is the smoke coming from the exhaust or engine bay? If exhaust, then I highly doubt it was caused by the curb incident.

What human activities contribute to air pollution?

smoke smoke could cause air pollution smoke could cause holes in our big umbrella

What could cause white smoke from tailpipe in a 1992 grand marquis?

they have elected a pope? in cold weather it is normal to see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe. the one you have to worry about is the black or the blue smoke

What is the cause of white smoke to come from an engine after you change the radiator hose?

White smoke from the exhaust is normally an indication of coolant entering the combustion chamber. Could be a blown head gasket or cracked head.

You just filled your coolant last night this morning after drive white smoke coming from radiator what is the cause could i just have over filled?

You could have had alittle over fill spill on something hot. I would suggest you check the coolant level to make sure there the same amount of what you filled

What would cause smoke from the side of the radiator?

It is very doubtful that it is smoke. It is most likely steam. Either there is a pinhole leak in the radiator allowing hot coolant to escape that then vaporizes into steam when it hits the atmosphere... or there is something spilled on the radiator that steams when the radiator gets hot. Have the radiator pressure tested for leaks.

What are the signs of a broken car radiator?

There are two major signs that the car radiator is broken. One sign is that the radiator will not hold fluid. Another sign is that there is smoke coming from under the hood of the car.

What causes smoke to pour and water to hiss from the coolant after leaving engine running?

It could be a damaged or loose radiator hose, a damaged radiator, a faulty radiator cap, blown head gasket. Have a look around all the hoses and see where the water is coming from and then use common sense.

Why is smoke coming from the vents of your car?

Smoke could be coming from the vents of your car for a number of reasons. You may have an internal car fire.

What would the cause be of white smoke coming from under the hood of a 2003 Ford Focus SE?

The car could be overheating or have a coolant leak.

I changed the thermostat and put a new radiator cap on a 1996 Geo Tracker. Now there is white smoke coming out the exhaust. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator is bad?

no its a blown head gasket, the white smoke your seeing is steam cause the the water leaking in to the combustion camber. if the smoke was black then that would mean to much fuel. if the smoke was blue that would mean there was oil getting in to the combustion camber.

Why does your 1994 suzuki rm 125 smoke from the radiator overflow?

If you are getting exhaust smoke coming out of the radiator overflow, you need to replace the head gasket that seals the cylinder from the cylinder cap where your coolant runs through to cool the engine.

What does mean when a car emits white smoke?

It depends from where it emitting it. White smoke could be steam if from the front - check radiator White smoke from underneath could be transmission fluid White somke from tailpipe could mean burning oil.

What could cause smoke in the passenger compartment in a subaru legacy?

The only thing that causes smoke in a car is something burning. Steam or vapor coming from the air conditioner can also look like smoke. More detail especially where the smoke seems to be coming from would be helpful. This sounds like something that needs immediate attention and you should not be driving the car if you cannot find the origin of the smoke.

2000 cavalier blows black smoke could it be from rich fuel or oxygen sensor?

why could there be black smoke coming out my 2000 calalier

What would be the cause of white smoke coming from the exhaust in the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 4.7?

blown head gasket. the easiest way to tell is to open the radiator cap while the cars running BUT BE CAREFUL! if theres antifreeze in there it will spray and burn you! but if you have a blown head gasket when you open the throttle the same white smoke will blow out of the radiator cap. white smoke is a sign of a blown head gasket though.

Could bad plugs cause black smoke?


Could it cause health breathing in smoke from sage?

No but it may cause unhealth

Ford F250 turbo diesel with blue smoke coming from exhaust while idling?

blue smoke is normally related to fuel problem. there is so many things that could cause this that it is best to have it checked by a technician that you trust.