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The sending units on these vehicle has been a continual problem. Mostly if your vehicle has a history of being in a corrosive environment. Corrosion eats away at the unit as it sits on the top of the tank. It is attached to the the fuel pump and is a big job to replace unless you have access to a lift.

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What is difference between filling and tempory filling?

a temporary filling is somthing you will have put into your baby teeth and when your baby teeth fall out and you get a hole in the adult tooth they will replace the filling with a metal one and num it with a needle

Does the ingection for a filling hurt?

i just recently had a filling with a needle and if u are a kid the dentist should give you some numming gel just before the needle is inserted and it works like heaven it hurts for 1 second and then stops.

What is the difference between a hypertonic needle and a hypotonic needle?

A hypotonic needle is a needle that is a non coring needle. A hypertonic needle is a coring needle. Both of these needles are used in IV's with a hypotonic needle used for hypotonic solutions.

What is the difference between a beading needle and normal needle?

A beading needle is longer, more flexible, and far thinner than a regular sewing needle.

What is the difference between a hand sewing needle and a machine sewing needle?

The major difference between the two is the location of the "eye". The hand needle has the eye at the back end of the needle and that needle pulls the thread through the fabric. The machine needle has the eye at the front end and that needle pushes the thread through the fabric. The machine needle also has a wider, thicker part at the top for mounting in the needlebar of the sewing machine, while the hand needle does not.

What is the difference between a dragonfly and a darning needle?

There is no physical difference between a dragonfly and a darning needle. The name "devil's darning needle" was given to dragonflies in Europe because they were thought to be evil or sinister.

What kind of needle do you use to color in a tattoo?

The flat needle groupings are great shading needles. These needle groupings are all straight in a row and lay tightly together. They can be used for filling in solid color or can be used for applying unique artistic techniques (for example waves or clouds).

What size tattoo needle do you use for a large back tattoo?

7 or 9 magnum or a 14 round for heavy filling such as tribal .......

How many times will two needles coincide between 3 and 4 in minutes?

No of times Seconds Needle on Minutes Needle: 60 No of times Seconds Needle on Hours Needle: 60 No of times Minutes Needle on Hours Needle: 1 Total: 121

What causes speed odometer stop working on 2005 trailblazer?

Failure of the stepper motor that moves the needle. It can be replaced if you are mechanically inclined. We have instructions at our enthusiasts forum

The needle of a compass always points to what pole?

The needle of a compass always points to the north pole. This is due to the magnetic attraction between the needle and the north pole.

What is the difference between a hemostat and needle holders?

Needle holder is similar to hemostat, the main different is at the jaw area where needle holder is smaller and thicker compared to heamostat.

What do you need to blow up a balloon?

brow. its obvious. you can blow up a ballon by over filling it with air, helium or even water. you can pop it with a needle.

Do you have to get a needle if you get a filling for your teeth?

No. However, depending on how deep the cavity is, the procedure can be quite painful. The pain involved can far exceed that of the injection of a local anesthetic.

How do you pierce a needle into the balloon and not to break the balloon? pinching the balloon between your thumb and index finger and inserting the needle between the compressed rubber of the balloon at that point without letting go of the compressed balloon until you release the needle from the balloon.

What are the magnum needles specially m1 m2 stack and curved?

m1 Needles are more for shading each needle has about a needles width gap between them. So a 5m1 will have 3 needles on top and two on bottom, but there is a needles gap between them, SO you need a 5F tip for 5m1 needles. However a 5m2 needle is not spaced they are more for dark filling in. The needles are not gapped they are tight. So a5m2 needle also has 3 needles on top and 2 on bottom but you need a 3F tip. If you want the best needles available I recommend these guys.

Why A Toyota 1987 corolla carburetor is filling up with gas in throat camber?

Sounds like a bad float or needle and seat assembly. Time for a rebuild.

What is the difference between a needle and a pin?

A needle has an "eye" at the other (non-sharp) end, to allow you to pull a thread. A pin doesn't.

What is the difference between a pain doctor and an anesthesiologist?

one has a needle

What is the difference between the Washington Monument and Cleopatra's Needle?

The Washington Monument was originally made in the U.S. and Cleopatra's Needle was made originally in Egypt. Cleopatra's Needle has engravings on it and the Washington Monument doesn't.

Can a person tell the difference between a ball point sewing needle and a standard needle?

Yes, if the person has experience with the various types of needles. There is a subtle but distinct difference that can be felt: the tip of a ball point needle will be less sharp than that of a standard needle.

What is the main difference between needle leaf trees and broad leaf trees?

needle leafes are sharp and broud leafs are bigger and rounder

What happens to the direction of the needle when you move the compass?

The direction of the needle will remain unchanged. This is due to magnetic forces, the needle will remain in line with the lines of magnetic force which flow between the north and south poles.

What are the difference between a wire loop and a wire needle?

ewan ko

What is the difference between inoculating needle and inoculation loop?

inocultion needle is used for retrieving solid or dense media and the inoculation loop is used to retrieve liquid media.

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