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make sure your light dimmer on your dash somewhere isn't all the way up because that can keep all lights on at all times on some cars.

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Q: What could cause the interior door lights to stay on with the engine off and all doors properly closed?
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Why do my courtesy lights stay on all the time on my 2000 grand prix?

Either the light switch is set to have the interior lights on or one of your doors is not closing properly (or at least the sensor thinks it isn't closed).

Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2002 Lincoln Continental car?

Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2001 Lincoln Continental car?

Battery running down overnight on 2004 buick ulyra?

Lights/radio/etc. left on, door not properly closed or faulty door switch (leaving interior lights on), an alternator or starter leaking current. And probably a bad start of the day.

Why would the interior lights stay on in a 1984 corvette?

Interior lights often stay on after the door is closed because of a faulty relay. There could also be a broken wire or a short circuit.

What can you do if a 99 Chevy Malibu lights come on when the door is closed and the engine is off killing battery?

First verify that you do not have the interior lights switched on using the panel (instrument illumination) dimmer switch. Verify that door switches are working normally and doors are closed. Then, if all of that is well and you do not have any damaged wiring, replace the BCM. Also, you could pull the fuse out, but then you wouldn't have any interior lights. Ditto if you pull the bulb out.

Why would a 2001 ford f150 cargo and interior light stay on when doors are closed and headlights are off?

why would a 1995 ford f150 interior and cargo lights stay on with the doors closed ?

How do you turn the interior lights on in 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

I believe if you turn your gauge panel dimmer switch all the way it turns on the interior lights when all the doors are closed

Why does my 1995 Chrysler Lebaron battery drain itself while sitting for 4 days?

There is a possibility that your door is not closed properly. The hinges are prone to go bad, and your door will not close properly hence a battery drain by the interior lights. You could also have a bad battery

What makes interior lights come on and stay on while driving Chevy Caprice Classic?

The dimmer switch when turned just past high, turns on the interior lights. There are switches in the door opening that turns the lights off when the door is closed. Either one of these can cause the lights to stay on if they fail.

What does the headlight switch control on a 1996 dodge ram 2500?

Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,

How can I turn off the interior lights in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Just to the right of your headlight switch is a dimmer wheel for your gauge lighting If the dimmer wheel has been rotated all the way up , your interior courtesy lights will stay on ( even with your doors closed ) If your interior lights are on with a door ajar indicator light on in your gauge cluster , either a door ,your liftgate , or your liftgate glass is not closed or you have a sticking door ajar switch (Helpfull)

Why would my interior lights come on and stay on after I turn off engine and pull key out?

yes, because your lights run on your car battery

I have a 1997 ford escort sport When i turn on the head lights all interior lights go out?

How's your battery, is the car starting properly. Maybe the battery or alternator.

Why will interior lights not go out on a 96 Cherokee?

Have you inspected all doors to see in the door sensor is being depressed when door is closed?

Which fuse controls interior lights on 2001 kia sportage?

interior fuse is located in engine compartment in fuse panel marked memory 15amp. fuse.

Your interior lights will not turn off How do you get them to turn off?

If the interior lights in a vehicle will not go off, first one should make sure all doors are closed. Then one should find the switch on the roof of the vehicle and make sure it is not turned to the on position.

What can happen if a evaporation vent doesn't work properly?

if you are referring to the evaporation system in a car, you will get check engine lights and/or the vehicle will not run properly.

Why do the interior lights stay on with engine on and while parked on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car?

Try turning them off. This is done with the dimmer control of the dash lights.

Why wont it go into second gear and all the interior lights are on like check engine overdrive airbag abs lights?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Why do the door ajar and interior lights stay on in a 1991 Ford Aerostar?

Check the plunger switch in the door. Sounds like it is shorted closed.

Ford explorer interior lights wont turn off?

Have you checked your gauge panel dimmer switch ( just to the right of your headlight switch in your dash ) If that has been rotated all the way in one direction that will keep all your interior lights on with all the doors closed

In an closed circuit will the lights be on or off?

Lights are on in closed circuit. It means that is a current flowing when circuit is being closed.

Why does my Camry have no interior lights checked all fuses now what?

Check the fuse box in the engine compartment, also you need to check the lights itself. You might have to replace it.

Why do Lights stay on when engine is shut off?

It is normal operation. With "key on engine off" the check engine light should be illuminated so you can observe that it is properly functioning.

How do you program interior lights 2003 olds silhouette?

how to get the interior lights to turn on on 2003 oldsmobile silhouette