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This problem may due to one or several things. First thing to check, a tojan or virus. Scan your system with Spybot seek and destroy: If you are using a dialup connection: - ensure that the second line option is disabled. The warning "beep" on incoming call can hang up a modem. - Ensure that nobody picks up the phone while your are connection to the internet. - Ask a technician to verify the line quality. Check for a virus or a trojan. Use this free utility to scan your machine.

If you are using a phone connection, also ensure that:

  • The call waiting is disabled. The "beep" sound of incoming call may hangup the modem.
    • Nobody picks up the phone while you are online
    • Verify the phone line qulaity with the help of a technician
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    Q: What could cause you to receive an error message and get disconnected after being online for 5 minutes?
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