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Check the following areas: Spark Plugs (gapped properly and good spark) Fuel pressure Bad Catalytic Converter Check for clogged air filter as well

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Q: What could cause your quad 4 to backfire and have low power?
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When did ATV Quad Power Racing happen?

ATV Quad Power Racing happened in 2000.

Can you put power steering fluid in quad brakes?

No you can not. If you do it can ruin your quad brakes and possibly your engine. If you do and something goes wrong you could have to spend a lot of money to get it fixed if that.

When was ATV Quad Power Racing created?

ATV Quad Power Racing was created on 2000-08-23.

What is quad ball?

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What would cause a GM Quad 4 motor to backfire and be low on power?

Probably got a bad head gasket . Those motors are garbage.While this could be the source of the problem and they are not known as the best engines in the world, there could be several other issues causing this to happen. My 93 grand am did the same thing. Replace the following:Coil Packs,Plugs,Boots,Ignition Coil Housing - This is most likely the issue.These housings are notorious for going bad and shorting out. It is a $40.00 part that can fix the problem and is easy to do yourself.

Why does your 50 cc buzz quad keep losing power?

cause the battery hasn't been used for a while and it has died out cause the battery hasn't been used for a while and it has died out

What could cause your oil gauge to fluctuate on your 2000 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4x4?

if its the 4.7 its oil sludge. i had to replace my engine. poor design

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What is the Horse power of a Honda 700xx quad?

53HP stock at the crank

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What does a stator source coil in a Yamaha warrior quad do?

provides power to the CDI

What is the difference between a 150cc and 250cc quad?

"cc" is kind of like the horse power for scooters, atvs, quads and mopeds. a 150cc quad goes roughly about 50-60 mph but a 250cc quad can go up to 85-90mph.

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What causes a quad 4 2.3L engine to be dead on 1 and 4 cylinders?

A bad fuel injector will cause a quad 4 2.3L engine to be dead on 1 and 4 cylinders. It is best to have a mechanic take a look at the quad for further information.

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Can a 700 quad be street legal?

I don't think any quad can be street legal because it has four wheels and because of that it follows the same rules as a car and their are some things that can't be done to a quad that could make it street legal.

Where can you ride a quad bike off road in the UK Excluding private land could you ride a quad on the beach?

no you are not allowed on the beach with a quad or motorcycle even if they are insured, but google for off road tracks near you where you can pay to ride your vehicle

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What is the cause of the green neutral not coming on 1989 Honda 300 2 wheel drive quad runner?

what is the problem with a honda 300 fourtrax 2 wheel drive quad that the green nuetral light will not come on so you can't start the quad by using the starting switch