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It will remain an unknown, but it is always fun to play the guessing game. Here are a few possibilities: * Istanbul would have fallen. * The sea lanes to Russia would have opened and resupply could be accomplished. * The Russian Revolution would have never happened. The Soviet Union would have never existed. * Germany would have lost WWI two years earlier. * The US would never have entered WWI. * Kemal Attaturk would not have risen to power and the Turkish Republic would not exist. * Hitler would not have gained favor. * WWII in Europe would not have happened. * WWII in Asia might never have happened. * Singapore would never have fallen. * Nuclear weapons might never have been needed. * Chernobyl and Three Mile Island would have never happend. * Vietnam would still be a French Colony. * Korea and the Vietnam War would have never happened. * China might have never become a Communist State. * The Cuban Missle Crisis might never have happened. * The Cold War would never have happened. * Gasoline might still be 50 cents a gallon. Darned Anzacs.

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According to the film Gallipoli what were the qualities of the Anzacs?

They could fight, they could drink, and they could save our country.

Where did Australian troops go before being sent to gallipoli?

The ANZACS went to Cairo on December 4th, 1914 so they could train and prepare for what was ahead in Gallipoli.

What happened to the soldiers in Anzac?

The Dead were mostly buried by the Turks behind the beachheads and we of course, buried our own when we could access their bodies. Those graves are still there in the Dardanelles/Gallipoli Turkish Military area. The surviving Anzacs were withdrawn and sent to Egypt from where they were redeployed onto the Western fronts. Many ex-Anzacs died on the Somme/Villiers/Brettoneaux battle sites.

Why were the ANZACS sent to invade the Gallipoli Peninsula?

The ANZACS were sent to invade the Gallipoli Peninsula to provide a strong-enough force to secure a trade route through which the Allies could deliver supplies to Russia. An ANZAC is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Was Gallipoli a successful campaign for for the Anzacs?

No. The Anzacs fought bravely and well, but this was not enough to overcome a poor plan and the obstacles of terrain. The campaign was given up and the troops evacuated. Tactically the Anzacs performed as well as anyone could hope, but the strategic difficulties were more than any troops could have surmounted.

Why were the ANZACS fighting the Turks?

Australia and New Zealand were part of the British Commonwealth, which was one of the Allies in World War I. The Ottoman Empire was one of the Central Powers. Those facts naturally brought the ANZACs into conflict with Turks. The ANZACs were specifically sent to the Turkish front in Gallipoli so that British soldiers could focus on the Western Front which was closer to London and made maintenance much easier. Giving the command of the Turkish front over to foreign regiments was much easier to justify.

Who won the Battle of Gallipoli?

The Turks won the battle of Gallipoli Strategically Gallipoli was a very bold, imaginative plan which could have had far reaching consequences. The straight answer to the question is Turkey. Had the British, using many Commonwealth troops, pushed into the peninsula much more vigorously and ejected the defenders in the early days of the campaign then the link between Western Europe & Russia by sea in the Mediterranean might have been established.

Why did the Allies plan to capture Gallipoli?

the allies wanted to capture gallipoli so they could get supplies to the Russians

How could the spread of disease affect the a Anzacs?

if the appendix burst haha

What happened by chance in the Battle of Hastings?

One thing that happened by chance is that the winds changed, so that William's boats could cross the Channell to begin the battle.

Why did First Battle of Bull Run happen?

The First Battle of Bull Run was the First major battle of the Civil War. It happened so that the North and the South could battle over the issue of slavery

How many ANZACS died in the Battle of Passchendaele?

This is a hard question. Many sources say different things and some only say how many casualties (wounded and dead) there were. The last source i saw said over 840 New Zealanders died at Passchendaele but it may be more than that. Could not find any info on how many ANZACS (Aussies and Kiwis) died.

Why were the Anzacs in Gallipoli?

I have heard of several reasons, and all seem valid. 1. Turkey entered the war on the side of Germany, so therefore they had to be fought. 2. The Allies needed the Dardanelles to ship supplies to help Russia on the Eastern Front. 3. The Western Front had ground into a stalemate and Gallipoli provided a useful diversion. They expected Turkey to fall swiftly and without much resistance, so they could then storm around the flank of the Germans. Or possibly for all those reasons combined.

What could have happened in the Battle of Stalingrad?

Germany could of won the Battle of Stalingrad and ended World War 2 in Europe if Army Group B occupy it's second goal, the Soviet main Oil reserves.

Who invaded Gallipoli?

British and Anzac Forces tried to invade Turkey but could not succeed.

Why were the Allies trying to take the peninsula from the Turks?

The allied forces were trying to take the Gallipoli peninsula because it over looked the Dardanelles. The plan was to take the Gallipoli peninsula so the Allied forces could take the capital, Instanbul (now Constantinople). The only way to get to the capital was through the Dardanelles, which was heavily guarded by Turkish guns. So if the Allies could take Gallipoli, they could invade the capital. Then, along with Russia, they could attck Germany thorugh "the backdoor".

Why did the ANZACS invade Gallipoli?

The ANZAC's invaded Gallipoli because Britain wanted to open a supply route to Russia. When Germany made an alliance with the Ottoman Empire, the supply route to Russia was cut off as Russia was allied with Britain. As 90% of Russia's grain came through this trade route, the inability for trade through this route would have knocked Russia out of the war. A second reason for the ANZAC invasion of Gallipoli was to fight Germany on three fronts. The Russians were fighting Germany in the east, and the other members of the Triple Entente (Britain and France) were fighting Germany in the west. If a third front could be launched against Germany, and knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war, it was thought that victory would have been imminent. Therefore, it was decided to invade Gallipoli. However, the campaign was not a success.

What went wrong in the gallipoli campain?

they went a mile to fast so the Turkish could see them

What happened at the Battle of Gonzales?

It was a "Battle" that could hardly be called a "skirmish" except that the Mexican Army regulars withdrew, the Texians kept their cannon, claimed a major victory and showed their determination as rebels.

How do you judge the gallipoli campaign?

th pride and love because it was a way that the men could offer their services

What were the aims of the Gallipoli campaign?

The aim of the Gallipoli campaign was to secure a trade route through which the Allies could deliver supplies to Russia. The campaign failed, turning out to be a miserable defeat for the Allies to which they lost 44,000 soldiers.

Whose fault was it in the Battle of Hastings?

it was all king Edwards fault. if he hadn't of died or he could have had kids, none of this would of ever happened :)

When did the battle of saratoga mark the turning point in the war?

When it happened.... But it did however bring the french to support the colonists because they showed they could win.

What was the outcome of the Gallipoli campaign?

As Australians we view Gallipoli as our victory, which shaped the legend of the ANZACS, but the Gallipoli campaign was actually a miserable failure. Thousands of our soldiers were killed, and no ground was gained. The whole point of the campaign was to secure for the allies the Dardenelles, so that supplies could be taken straight through the Dardanelles to Constantinople in Russia. Before this, it wasn't possible. From the start, the campaign went wrong. On the night of 25 April (Anzac Day), the Australians landed on the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey. Yet, they landed a couple kms downstream from where they were planned to land. As a result, they faced the ready Turkish troops, and high, rocky cliffs, rather than the sandy beaches as first planned. The rest of the battle was a bloody mess and complete failure. Over the few months we were there, thousands were killed by disease and the machine guns of the enemy, and virtually no ground was gained. So, overnight, the soldiers evacuated from there. The Turks never figured it out until a few days later, thanks to a new contraption the Australians invented to make the guns keep firing.

What happened during 54th Massachusetts Regiment and the Battle of Fort Wagner?

The 54th Massachusetts regiment did loose the battle, but they are the most remembered African American army because they fought as hard as they could and it was the end of slavery!

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