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Gallipoli Campaign

What could have happened if the Anzacs won the Battle of Gallipoli?


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It will remain an unknown, but it is always fun to play the guessing game. Here are a few possibilities: * Istanbul would have fallen. * The sea lanes to Russia would have opened and resupply could be accomplished. * The Russian Revolution would have never happened. The Soviet Union would have never existed. * Germany would have lost WWI two years earlier. * The US would never have entered WWI. * Kemal Attaturk would not have risen to power and the Turkish Republic would not exist. * Hitler would not have gained favor. * WWII in Europe would not have happened. * WWII in Asia might never have happened. * Singapore would never have fallen. * Nuclear weapons might never have been needed. * Chernobyl and Three Mile Island would have never happend. * Vietnam would still be a French Colony. * Korea and the Vietnam war would have never happened. * China might have never become a Communist State. * The Cuban Missle Crisis might never have happened. * The Cold War would never have happened. * Gasoline might still be 50 cents a gallon. Darned Anzacs.