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Rabbits are found almost anywhere in the world. Most of them live in North America and Europe. The most common breed of wild rabbits is the cottontail.

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Q: What countries and states and provinces do rabbits live in?
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What state and country do cows live in?

All states/provinces, countries and continents except Antarctica.

What countries do rabbits live in?

probably everywhere

What country do rabbits live in?

1st: Contruie is spelled country 2nd: rabits is spelled rabbits 3rd: rabbits live in most countries

Where in the world do rabbits live?

Rabbits live all throughout the world. They live in the United States and more than half of the rabbits in the world live in North America.

What province do you live in if you live in the US?

None. The US has states, not provinces.

Do rabbits live in the US?

Yes, rabbits live in the United States, there are even snow bunnys live in really cold places

Where do Philippine celebrities live in the Philippines?

Most of them live in the countries' capital, Manila, while having roots in the provinces.

Which countries do rabbits live in?

Rabbits now exist on every continent. They weren't in Australia for awhile but they brought over for a food source.

In what US states do rabbits live in the wild?

All the states except Hawaii and some parts of Alaska

In which states do rabbits live?

Rabbits are a very successful animal. They can be found in any continent except tropical islands and snowy areas.

Where does a marsh rabbit live?

Marsh Rabbits live in the Southern United States swamp lands. Florida, for example.

Can rabbits live with dogs?

no rabbits can not live with dogs

Does a rabbits live in a group?

Rabbits do live in groups.

Do rabbits live in the northeast?

Rabbits live everywhere.Their are snow rabbits.Their are dung rabbits . Some live in houses , others in mountains. But 'yes ' rabbits do live in the northeast .

How many provinces border the United states which one is closest to where you live?

There are many provinces that border the United States including British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and many others.

What province does the platypus live in?

Australia does not have provinces, but states. The platypus is found in the Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

What content do rabbits live in?

Wild rabbits live in burrows.

What is the rabbits habitats?

tame rabbits live in your house and wild rabbits live outside in warrens

What climate do rabbits live in?

Some rabbits live in cold places like New Zealand rabbits, but some live in warm places like dwarf rabbits

What ecosystem are rabbits in?

most rabbits live in woods in North America, jack rabbits live in deserts.

Do rabbits live in the city?

Wild rabbits do not live in the city, but people keep rabbits as pets in the city.

Does rabbits have live babies?

Yes, rabbits are mammals. They have live babies.

Where do rabbits live in the wold?

Rabbits live all around the world in cold and hot but only the wild rabbits do not pet rabbits.but no rabbits live in alaska or the north or south pole it is to cold for them to live.

Do rabbits live in praries?

Yes, most of those rabbits that live in the prairies are jack rabbits. Rabbits live all over the world, well, except the rain forest.

Where do bunnies and rabbits live?

Wild rabbits live in burrows for warmth and safety and domestic rabbits live in rabbit cages or rabbit hutches.