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There are 5 countries under Communism: Vietnam, Cuba, China, Laos, and North Korea.

Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and China are the main five communist states, though none of these countries practice pure communism.

China, Cuba, Thailand and lots of eastern countries.

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Q: What countries are under communism?
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What countries have all communism capitalism and socialism?

Which countries that are under communism , socialism and capitalism

What countries are under fascim?

Fascism is not a political choice, like democracy or communism.

What is the role of government under socialism and communism?

If you mean who has the power, in communism there is a dictator, and in socialism it is a representative democracy, just like in most countries.

Who is Soviet union?

Better 'what was it?'. It was a collection of countries under the control of communism, and Communist Russia.

What is the disadvantage of countries under communism?

The disadvantage is that a street cleaner gets paid the same amount as a doctor!!!!!!!

What are some countries under communism?

China, Laos, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cyprus, and Nepal.

What are the effects of Communism in China?

outspread communism to other countries

What countries follow Communism in the 21st century?

While the Soviet Union was under reign, there were several Communist country. During the 21st century, there are currently five that practice Communism. These countries include China, Laos, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea.

Is Poland run under communism?

No, since 1989 Poland is no longer run under communism.

How Offered aid to countries threatened by communism in 1947?

Truman Doctrine offered aid to countries threatened by communism in 1947.

Greece and Turkey were the first countries to receive aid under the Marshall Plan partially to rebuild the countries but also to tolerate defeat support allow Communism?


Who makes the decisions under communism?

Under Communism, there is no state, and thus no central government. As such, there are no leaders, however there may be local committees and councils made up of the local population that make the decisions of their commune. Its worth noting that communism is different to socialism. Communism has never been achieved (even by so called 'communist' countries), only socialism. under socialism, most decisions are meant to be made by the working class.

Which countries are under communism?

China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba consider themselves to be communist countries. It could be argued that China has adopted capitalism but doesn't want to admit it.

Which countries are under communist rule today?

In 2013, the countries that consider themselves socialist republics AND that follow the Marxist-Leninist ideology of communism are China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam.

Is the Soviet Union still under communism?

No. The Soviet Union is now many independent countries, including Russia, which now has a President.

Why did fascist dictators rise to power in some European countries in the 1930s?

because, their was aan increase of communism and many countries opposed communism.

What is the relationship of land ownership to communism?

There is no private land ownership under communism.

Do people emigrate to other countries because of communism?

No they don't. People emigrate but not because of communism.

When did communism stop?

Communism in the USSR came to a full stop in 1992, but communism has never stopped. Countries like Moldova and Cuba are communist.

According to the Truman Doctrine how did the US intend to stop the spread of communism?

It would resitrct communism to countries that were communist before World War II In 1947, the President of the United States of America, Harry Truman delivered a speech and he announced that he was willing to help any country under threat from Communism. He gave out billions of dollars to European countries with permission from Congress. The money was to help the countries recover and to prevent Communism from spreading across Europe. (Estimated $13 billion dollars was given out to 16 European countries)

What countries are using communism and why?

The countries that are using Communism are Laos, China, Vietnam, and Korea. Communism is based on Marxism, that the government controls all production and Communism itself means "Everyone owns every thing another person has". this would lead to dictatorship. even though, the countries that use communism would end up with a good economy since everyone is willing to work for the gowernment

What do anti communists fear in countries?


Which name was given to the US policy of giving military aid to countries to help them stop the spread of communism?

The US gave military aid to countries in the fight against the spread of Communist under the Truman Doctrine. The first countries to receive aid under the Truman Doctrine were Greece and Turkey.

What countries supported communism in North Korea?

The USSR and China both supported communism in North Korea.

What event symbolize end of communism?

Communism is still a political rule in many countries, therefore it has not ended.

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