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The United States and most of Europe are the big Basketball places, but China, Japan, the Philippines, Australia India, and most countries play it.

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it is called use a diffrent website or grab a book

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america Europe china Japan and Mississippi mom

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Q: What countries around the world play basketball?
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Does basketball players play for countries or play for their own club?

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

How many kids play basketball as a sport?

Millions of kids around the world play basketball, especially in USA, Europe and Asia.

What countries do not play basketball?


Are there any countries that don't play basketball?

No there are no countries in this world which don't play Basketball but one thing they have is that they don't want to promote it to a higher level.Here in Uganda it can promoted but that's after some people from outside comes into it and promote it.

What countries play basketball professionally?


How many people have used a basketball?

basketball is played all around the world more than a million people play it :)

For basketball are different rules used in different countries?

no, but in some countries you cant foul out and there are no technical fouls......... the world i wish i lived in......... anyway, in some countries only women play basketball.... as it says in the new movie: Maid of Honor

How did basketball spread across the world?

Um, it didnt, a sport only play in 3 or 4 countries can't 'spread'.

What is more popular baseball or basketball?

Baseball would be the most popular sport between the two. More people play competitive baseball then basketball both in the USA and around the world

Who was the first girl to play basketball?

Nancy Liebreman was the first women to play basketball and make it into the World Series!!!!!!!

Do people play paintball all over the the world?

Yes and No. There are many countries that play around the world. The USA has the most players, but Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other countries all have professional teams.

What is the most diverse sport in the world?

I think its soccer because it is played by a lot of countries and cricket is also play by quite a lot of countries from around the world.

How many countries play basketball?

nearly all of them in Europe and America \Australia

What other countries play basketball besides the US?

Japan Canada etc.

Which are the countries in which tennis is played?

Tennis is played almost all around the world. You'd have to look at it from the perspective of which countries do not play tennis.

Who is the best basketball play in the world?

Michael Jordan

Where abouts in the world do people play basketball?

most notably America although basketball is located all over the world

Do Mexicans in Mexico play basketball?

Yes, Mexicans play basketball. They have a national team that competes in the FIBA world championships. While they are not that great, they play nonetheless.

What countries does soccer play?

every country in the world play soccer socially or competitively. It is the most popular sport all around the globe.

What countries play netball?

All the countries in the world play netball. The difference is the exposure and the professionalism in the different countries.

How many people play basketball in the world?


Is basketball seasonal?

yes because you can play it all year around.

What percentage of college basketball players go on to play in the nba or professional basketball in other countries?

less than 15 of people make it to the nba

Do Germans play basketball?

No Germany does not play basket ball well its not a tradition in THE real world to them

How many countries in the world play baseball?

what countries is baseball origin