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Britain and America.

Basically, it was fought between Britain and its 13 colonies in North America which had recently declared them selfs independent. But it was actually a global conflict with America having France and Spain for allies and Britain having some German support.

In terms of the general belligerents, these are them:

United States and its Allies:

United States (1775-1783)

France (1778-1783)

Spain (1779-1783)

Dutch Republic (1780-1783)

Mysore - Indian Maharaja (1779-1783)

Vermont (1777-1783)

Prussia & Poland - Sent a few generals to assist in training United States soldiers, but no armies.

Native American Tribes: Oneida, Tuscarora, Watauga Association, Catawba, Lenape

Great Britain and its Allies:

Great Britain

Colonial Loyalists

German Mercenaries and Auxiliaries

Native American Tribes: Onondaga, Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca, Cherokee

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Q: What countries fought in the American Revolution?
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Which countries fought in the American Revolution?


When did the American revolution fought?

the American revolution was faught from 1775 to 1783 the American revolution was fought from 1775 to 1776/1777

The American Revolution was fought by the American colonies in China?

The American Revolution was fought by the Americans and not the American colonies in China.

How can i get a cope of the mens that fought in the American revolution?

is there list of the men that fought in the american revolution

What were the countries fought in the American revolution?

United States of America, Great Britain, and France.

What two countries was the American Revolution fought between?

Great Britain and The United states

How did the American revolution and the french revolution influence other countries?

It made other countries revolt for their freedom. For example, lots of the countries in South American didn't want to be ruled by the Spanish anymore, so they fought. Another example is the Russian Revolution. They fought against France during France's revolution because they feared that their country would do the same.

What two European countries fought against the British with the Americans in the American Revolution?

Three European countries fought against the British as allies to the American Colonists during the American Revolution: France, Spain, and the Netherlands. However, only the French and Spanish mobilized troops along or within the North American colonies.

Why was the American Revolution called the American Revolution?

It was fought for America's independence.

What impact did the American revolution have on native Americans?

The American revolution was catastrophic to the Native American nations that were caught in the middle. They lost land, crops, and people as the two countries fought each other.

African Americans fought mostly for which side in the American Revolution?

African-Americans fought mostly for the patriots in the American Revolution.

What European countries entered the American revolution?

Spain and France fought with the United Colonies Germany fought with Great Britain spain, germany, and france

How many battles were fought in the Latin American Revolution?

Many battles were fought in the Latin American Revolution. In fact, 234,101,009 battles were fought until victory...

In what way did the American revolution affect other countries?

other republican groups fought to overthrow aristocratic governments

What countries fought during the revolution?


What war was fought for American Independence?

the American revolution

Which native american tribe fought in the american revolution the cherokee or the creek?

The Cherokee fought alongside the British against the American Colonists in the American Revolution. The Creek were uninvolved.

In which century was the American Revolution?

18th Century American Revolution was fought with help from France.

What year did the American revolution begin?

The American Revolution was fought between 1775-1783

Who fought with the American colonists in the Revolution?

The American colonists fought the British in the American Revolution. After the Battle of Saratoga, the French actively joined the War against the UK.

Where was the American revolutionary was fought?

if you need some one to tell you where the American revolution was fought..... your an idiot

Was the American revolution fought by the American colonies and china?


What country did you fight during the American Revolution?

I did not fight any country during the American Revolution; it occurred nearly two centuries before I was born. If the question is asking who the national combatants were in the American Revolution, see the Related Question below. If you mean America, the Americans fought the British government, and a few native Indian tribes that were allied to the British. The embroynic US however, were not 100% and many Americans fought with the British.

When was the American Revolution fought?


Which war was necessary to be fought?

The American Revolution