World War 2
World War 1

What countries in Europe chose not to get involved in World War 2?


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The neutral countries in Europe were: * Irish Free State (as it then was) * Portugal * Spain * Sweden * Switzlerland Plus the micro states.


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No, it was a European war we chose to become involved in.

The Congress was isolationist because they swore they would not get involved in other nation's wars that had nothing to do with the USA. They chose to a neutral nation too.

He chose not to run again because of the Vietnam War.

The countries sending the most troops were (in order) Russia, France, UK, Italy, and the USA. As a percentage of their population, Serbia, France, Montenegro, Italy, UK, New Zealand, and Romania sent over 10% of their population to war. Russia, France, UK, and Italy had more than a million casualties. The UK and European countries become involved not by choice. Those that chose to get involved, and in the order that they joined the war, were Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and finally the USA in 1917.

Napoleon wanted to establish himself amongst the whole continent, he chose the rulers to all the countries he conquered, forming what to him was the perfect dynasty, chosen by himself.

Because he chose to Because he chose to

it was when the USA chose to ignore everything that was happening in the world, so they didnt help any other countries if they were in need of it.

Stalin broke his promise about letting all of the Russian liberated countries of Eastern Europe have free and fair elections to chose the type of government they wanted for their country.

Because they chose to remain neutral But coutries like Switzerland was "suicide" to attack every house owned at least one firearm cities were/are startegicaly build hard to reach with ground force countries like Swenden and the US which sold weapons and resources to both sides were of a greater importance to not get involved in the war

I believe the Nazis chose the countries they tortured because they thought these countries in particular were worth less than themselves. Its a true shame and inhumane but that is what they were taught to believe. No country is less than another and no person is better than any other.

I chose Nelson Mandela because he brought freedom into the world.

He is qualified to play for many countries but he chose Belgium

George Washington chose Alexander Hamilton to fix the countries money problems

Germany became an empire with the ability to rival other world powers. Germany also chose to rule in a way that was harmful to people, and could be dangerous if it spread throughout Europe. War was the only way to force Germany to slow down.

Europe was pushed into war when Adolf Hitler chose to invade the nations of Europe and rule them with cruelty, murder and oppression. He started the war with the 9-1-39 bombing and invasion of Poland.

Florida chose the 'In God We Trust' motto because the history of the state involved so many different countries but the trust in God remained the same. The motto was adopted in 2006 but has been on the state seal since 1868.

F.i.F.A chose Brazil for the 2014 host, as they came forward to host the world cup after the world war 2, both Europe and the U.s.A said they would not invest their money, in a world cup. So it is 64 years a long time. It is their turn now.

you get it when u chose your packs

this just means that you say why you chose to do the particular topic that is if topics are involved

In the years leading up to World War II, life for Jews throughout Europe was more tense and less comfortable than it had been for many decades prior, as anti-semitic fervor was increasingly being felt by non-Jews in many different countries. In Germany, in particular, anti-Jewish sentiment grew increasingly hostile and violent, with many Jews suffering so badly that they chose to emigrate to new homes elsewhere in Europe or even farther abroad.

Poland never chose america, polish people migrated all over in Europe mostly.

Wilson wished to remain neutral in WW1 to keep from being pulled into the European alliance system, and to keep from making enemies in other countries.It was believed at the time that it was unnecessary for the US to get involved in European wars, since Europe was separated from the US by the Atlantic ocean, and was therefore at a safe distance. It would upset a large portion of his country if he chose sides. He won re-election with the slogan , "He kept us out of war", so the people seemed to be behind him.

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