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According to an internet search, the countries that still hunt whales include

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Canada(the most seal hunt out of all)






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Q: What countries still hunt whales?
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What animal does Japan still like to hunt?

They still hunt whales

What countries hunt blue whales?


List the six countries that still hunt whales?

Japan, USA, france, New Zealand, India and Norway New Zealand hasn't hunted whales since the 19th century. I doubt France and India do as well.

What are all the countries that hunt whales?

Norway and Japan definitely hunt whales to kill them for food for humans to eat. Those two are probably the main ones but some other countries may do so too, such as Iceland and China perhaps.

What is the main cause of possible extinction of Whales?

Whaling. A few Countries refuse to stop and are trying to lift the ban of hunting them. Norway, Iceland, Japan and the USSR still have large Whaling fleets ans continue to hunt them. It is easy to hunt whales, because they travel in large groups called pods.

Is it against the law to hunt and kill whales?

they are endangered species, they are illegal in the United states, in other countries its illegal, only a few countries can hunt whales. hope this helps.

What should you do from stopping the whales from dying competely?

Go out and hit a Norwegian or a Japanese on their snout. They are the only 2 countries still insisting to hunt whales for "scientific purposes". Ok dont hit them just refuse to buy any good coming from those countries and encourage your friends to do the smae.

Do gray whales hunt together?

no. gray whales do not hunt. they feed on krill.

Are killer whales protected endangered or threatened?

Both! I know its unbelievable, Japan and Norway are the only countries in the world, that still hunt whales to this day.

What contries still hunt whales?

Japan, Norway, and Iceland still conduct whaling. Japan uses a loop hole in the moratorium on whaling. They claim they are conducting research, but that is widely disputed. There are also some Alaskan Natives who engage in whaling.

Do whales fight or hunt other whales?

yes and no

Do killer whales hunt for other whales?