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Biomass is the fourth largest source of energy and is used by practically every country.

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Which Caribbean countries use biomass energy?

Guyana, Suriname and Haiti

Where is biomass energy being used?

All over the world. Any waste of products that can be grown and regrown is biomass. Most countries have energy producers that use these wastes to produce energy.

What counties use biomass energy?

no one uses biomass energy

What do non industrialized countries rely heavily on energy for?


What do non-industrialized countries rely on for energy?


What is biomass energy?

the energy derived from stored energy in biomass is called biomass energy. (biomass is the bodies of living things)

Is biomass energy available for use?


How reliable is biomass energy?

As long as we can keep growing vegetation that we can use for burning, then biomass will be reliable.

Why do you use biomass?

we use biomass to create electricity or power that is renewable. examples of renewable energy resources are wind ,solar power,biomass,sun and lots more.

Where do people use a lot of biomass energy?

People use the most biomass in USA (United States of America) and Africa was proved to be the continent which uses less biomass.

What forms of energy does biomass use?

Biomass means plant growth of various sorts, all plants use solar energy to grow through photosynthesis, and chemicals in the soil or applied as fertiliser. Biomass provides thermal energy, when it is used ie burned

Why do you use biomass rather than using fossil fuel?

Biomass energy is renewable as Fossil Fuels are not

What is keeping biomass energy from widespresd use?

Biomass has been restricted to rural areas. It is not used in cities.

What has the author Stefania Alonso written?

Stefania Alonso has written: 'Biofuel use in the U.S.' -- subject(s): Biomass energy, Biomass energy industries, Energy policy

How is the energy from biomass released?

Energy from biomass is released by combustion.

Is biomass an energy resource?

Yes, biomass is an energy resource. It is a renewable energy.

How does the sun get into biomass?

Energy gets into biomass when planets use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugar.

What are some different ways we turn biomass into energy we can use?

We turn it into energy by doing it.

Which countries use the most biomass?

india america africa austrailia

How much energy does biomass produce?

Biomass energy produces 3% of the worlds energy

What is biomass energy is used for?

biomass energy is energy used to ejaculate on a womans breast :)

What percentage of people living in developing countries use biomass to heat their homes and cook their food?

70% of people ate living in their developing countries use biomass to heat their homes and cook their food

What is a disadvantage of using biomass energy?

There are a few disadvantages of using biomass energy. Some of the disadvantages include the cost, use of fossil fuels, and environmental hazards.

Where is biomass energy used now?

Biomass energy is widely used. One state that uses biomass is Oregon.

Which country uses the most biomass?

Usually, per year America, the UK, and Wales use the most biomass energy

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