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Maracas are used in several Latin and Caribbean music. These countries include Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Haiti, Trinidad, and Brazil.

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What country did the maracas come from?

Maracas are native to Peurto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, and other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

How do you use maracas in level up game?

Right click the maracas and the portal opens up

What traditions use maracas?

i dont no

History of maracas?

Maracas existed as long as the Stone Age. Maracas originated among several ancient civilizations at the same time. African tribes were believed to the first to use the maracas .they use it for festival dances and cheering for hunting. Later the south Pacific Islander made their own maracas by using plants seed and dried coconut. years later it changed and formed into the maracas today they are essential to today's Latin and south American ensembles, the history of maracas was found through the artworks of pre Columbian Indian.

How did people use maracas in the medieval times?


What do they call maracas in Africa?


When was the maracas invented?

maracas was invented in 1750

What do maracas have inside them?

Maracas have rice or regular beans in them and sometimes special maracas have salt or sand in them.

Who are some legends of the maracas?

the white goddess magically makes a pair of maracas and so became maracas

How can you change the pitch of maracas?

How can you change the pitch of maracas?

Are maracas percussion instruments?

Maracas are a percussion instrument.

'maracas' are a musical instrument in what country?


What is a Filipino maracas?

Tagalog translation of MARACAS: marakas

What musical instruments use oscillating motion?

Maracas come to mind.

How are maracas played?

To play the maracas, all you have to do is hold one maraca in one hand and the other maraca in the other hand. Then you shake the maracas.Playing the maracas is simple - get the maracas, place one in each hand and shake with the rythem or make your own!

Where were maracas first used?

Maracas were actually first used in Columbia.

Where did maracas come from?

Maracas originally come from Central and South America.

Is maracas a percussion instruments?

Yes, maracas are part of the percussion family.

What is the name of the person who made the maracas?

No one knows, the maracas are an old instrument.

Are maracas treble clef?

Maracas are unpitched. They would be notated on the percussion staff.

What country made the maracas?

The Maraca is a native instrument to a couple of different countries. It is native to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, and several countries of the Carribbean and Latin America

What are maracas on level up the game?

The maracas are called the Ben-Harisam Maracas of Metro. They are used to open a portal to the 1st crypt boss, the Goblin Chief.

How long does it take to make maracas?

It takes 2 or 3 hours to make maracas.

Is maracas an insument?

yes, maracas is an instrument. i believe it is from Mexico and it provides the beat/rhythm

What are maracas origanly were made out of and what was in them?

The Maracas Where Made Out Of....... Your Mothers Eggs And Sperm Cells In Side Of Them =)