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Soviet Russia

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Q: What countries were fighting on the European front in World War 2?
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What were the different fronts soldiers from the US were fighting on during World War 2?

American soldiers were fighting on the European front against Germany (this front often includes those fighting in Africa) and the Pacific front against Japan.

In what countries did most of the fighting occur in world war 1?

For the majority of World War I, fighting took place in France on what had come to be known as the Western Front. Here, much fighting took place, including the invasion of German forces and the effort to regain France by the Allied Forces, namely Great Britain, France and Commonwealth countries such as Canada.

Who did the allies decide had to be defeated first to win World War 2?

with Britain we eliminated the German campaign in north Africa then fought the European front against the Germans. it was tough for us because we had the Japanese fighting in the pacific theatre and the rest of the axis fighting in the European theatre

What kind of terrain were armies fighting during the European front of WW 2?

The European theater in World War 2 encompassed all terrain types from arctic to desert and all others except Jungle.

In what two countries did most of the fighting for the western front occur?

Belgium and France

What were the two fronts of world war 2?

The European Front and the Pacific Front.

What was a turning point in fighting on the Western European front?

D-Day Tuesday, 6 June 1944 .

What front did the US fight in in World War 2?

That depends on the reference point, as both Germany and the United States were fighting on two fronts during the war. The Germans would say the United States fought on the Western front. The United States fought on the European front and the Pacific front.

What was the two main battlefronts in World War 2?

The two main belligerent countries were Germany and Japan. For Germany the main battle front was the Eastern Front fighting Russia from 1941 to 1945. For Japan the main battle front was the Pacific Islands fighting against the US from 1941 to 1945.

During World War 2 what events marked a turning point in fighting on the Western European front?

The D-Day Allied invasion at Normandy, France in 1944.

Who was fighting on the Western and Eastern fronts in World War 1?

On the western front you had the Germans (of course) fighting against the British, the French, and later in the war, the Americans. The eastern front was the Germans fighting the Russians.

What were the countries that fought on the European front in World WarII?

Britain which survived also France who were lost and russia Brittain, France, Belguim, Russia, The US, many other small countries around Germany.

What area did the allied forces open up a second front in the European war theater during World War 2?

The "first front" in Europe was the eastern front and the fighting was done mostly by Russian and the Germans. The second frint was opened on the coast of Normandy after troops landed on D-Day.

Where did American troops do most their fighting in World War 1?

on the Western Front

How was fighting on the eastern front different from fighting on the western front?

korea and texas

What country did most of the fighting take place in world war 1?

There were two countries that saw most of the fighting, as the Western Front stretched across France and Belgium. I am not aware of which country got the worst of it. Probably France because they had the two Battles of the Somme.

Where was most of the fighting done during World War 1?

On the Western front, in France; on the Eastern front, in present Belorussia.

In World War 2 which front was worse the European front or the Pacific front?

Both were severe in different ways but more causalities were suffered in The European Front. It all depends on how you mean it. It's different depending on if you mean damage or deaths,etc.

Which was a major part of American involvement in world war 2?

fighting on the western front

How did colonization in Africa and Asia contribute to World War 1?

Colonies spread the war across the globe, making it into a World War. They supplemented European armies in both manpower and supplies. The African front would not have existed without colonies and the fighting in the Middle Eastern front would have been much less widespread.

Was the invasion of Italy part of the European front in world war 2?


Where did the fighting in World War 1 occur?

The majority of the fighting was done on the front of the war, which ran from Belgium to Italy and was mostly on French soil.

How did Latin American countries like Brazil contribute to the Allied effort in World War 2?

by providing important raw materials, by building military bases, and by sending troops to the european front

Where is the main place World War 2 was taking place?

World War II is often divided into two parts or fronts the European front and the Pacific front.

Where did the majority of the fighting take place during World War 1?

At the western front, in France.