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North Vietnam (along with southern communists called Viet Cong) against the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and the Republic of South Vietnam.
US, Thailand, SOUTH Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and South Vietnam.

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What major countries were involved in Vietnam War?

The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

What Countries won the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam won the war.

How many countries was there in Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

After the war, there was a reunification of Vietnam. So the answer is "One country".

Which countries took part in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam

What countries where involed at the Vietnam war?

Vietnam , America , and Russia

What countries were communist during Vietnam war?

North Vietnam

What countries war allies in the Vietnam war?

China was one.

Was the Vietnam war a majority rule?

The Vietnam War was part of the cold war. The cold war was between governments (Nations/Countries).

Which two original countries won the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam won them.

What countries were fighting in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam/VC vs allies

What three countries were involved in the vietnam war?

The US , North and South Vietnam .

What countries were covered during the Vietnam War?

The countries that were actually "physically" involved, and were bombed or had US aircraft crash into them, whether they were "officially" in the war or not, were: Lao's, Cambodia, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

What cold war countries were involved in the Vietnam war?

The Soviet Union (USSR) supplied North Vietnam, and the US fought for South Vietnam.

Which countries fought on the side of Communism in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam, China, USSR.

What did Vietnam do after the Vietnam war finished?

united both countries under one flag.

Who was a leader of Vietnam country in Vietnam War?

Vietnam was split into two countries during the vietnam war, the north was ruled by Ho Chi Minh and the South by Ngo Diem.

What are the similarties between the Vietnam and the Afghanistan war?

Two nations (countries) (with their allies) were at war with each other in Vietnam. No nations are at war with Afghanistan.

Laos and cambodia were drawn into the vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia were both drawn into the Vietnam War because of atrocities the people of these two countries suffered under the hands of North Vietnam. South Vietnam and other countries were trying to keep the North Vietnamese army from spreading Communism in these countries.

What were the vietnamese reactions to the Vietnam War?

As in most war torn countries, they adapted to it.

What countries did the US fight during the Vietnam war?

Washington was at war with Hanoi.

How is Vietnam war related to the domino theory?

If Vietnam went, then the neighboring countries would be next.

What countries were allied with America during Vietnam War?

south Korea south Vietnam japan

What other countries have ruled Vietnam?

China, France, Japan...then the Vietnam War involving the US.

Who are the communist countries support north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

China, Russia, and later Cuba.

Was Vietnam a civil war or a war between two countries?

Two separate countries: South Vietnam was officially called RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). When US servicemen landed in country, they were greeted with "Welcome to the Republic of South Vietnam" (enjoy your stay).