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What countries were involved in the Great Depression?

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Q: What countries were involved in the Great Depression?
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What other countries were involved in the great depression?

All of them!

How did the great depression effect the countries involved?

the countries were poor and jobs and money were very rare

How was involved in the grate depression?

how was who involved in the great depression?

Who were people involved in the Great Depression?

everyone was involved...

What caused the US government to get more involved with the country's economy?

The Great DepressionThe great depression

Was Martin Luther King involved in the Great Depression?

Martin Luther King was not involved in the great depression, but he was involved in the civil rights movement because of which America is today free of slavery.

Who was involved in Great Depression?

FDR and his new deal.

How were European countries affected by the Great Depression?

Following the Great War (WWI), all countries involved in the war (therefore most all of Europe) except the Soviet Union, experienced depressions very similar to the Great Depression in the U.S. (which only worsened conditions as the U.S. was inable to help the European nations).

What was the year of Great Depression?

The decade of the 1930s saw the Great Depression in the United States and many other countries.

Who was involve with the great depression?

many farmers and employees were involved.

Why did some immigrants return to Mexico during the Great Depression?

Mexico did not experience the great depression as heavily as other countries.

Did other country send money during The Great Depression?

The Great Depression began in the United States in 1929. The economic depression quickly began enveloping other countries, and there was no monies being sent from other countries.

What was the US involved in during the time of To Kill a Mockingbird?

The Great Depression

What countries where affected in the great depression and What 2 presidents took place during the great depression?

2 presidents were Hoover and Roosevelt

Which countries suffered during the great depression?

germany and austria

The Great Depression was felt?

By countries all over the world

Where did the Great Depression happen?

The Great Depression was worldwide (global), but some countries were affected more severely, and for much longer, than others. The countries worst affected were the U.S. and Germany.

Did the Great Depression end in 1939?

In the US, the Great Depression is considered to have ended around that time. However, the Great Depression had a worldwide effect, and some countries didn't recover until the late 1940s.

Was Russia in The Great Depression?

No, Russia or Soviet Union wasn't involved into the Great Depression, because the type of Soviet economy was different from American or European type. So the Great Depression hardly could affect to Russian economy.

Did the Great Depression affect Mexico?

Yes it did but not as much as other countries.

What countries had economic growth during the Great Depression?

The Soviet Union

Which countries had economic growth during the great depression?

soviet union

How did World War 1 lead to the Great Depression and World War 2?

It led to the Great Depression because the U.S. was in debt to other countries

How was Saudi Arabia effected by the great depression?

Saudi Arabia like other countries, was greatly effected by the Great Depression. Tourism plummeted in Saudi Arabia during the Great Depression and that brought less income into the economy.

How did the Great Depression have such a huge impact on the economies of other countries?

The Great Depression has such a huge impact on the economies of other countries because the United states did business with other countries. Other countries lost money when they US could not buy their products, or provide or take out loans.