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almost all of the countries in Europe.

Unless you want your definition to include 'bystanders', then you can include the rest of the modern world

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What countries were involved with Holocaust?

Countries that were involved with the Holocaust were Poland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Many citizens from these countries were sent to Nazi Death Camps.

Which countries did the Holocaust involve?

Countries under Nazi influence were involved in the Holocaust. Some to greater degrees than others.

How many countries were involved in the holocaust?

There wasn't really an exact amount.

What countries were not involved in the Holocaust?

Russia, America, Canada, Sweeden, Austrailia, Africa

Why did allied countries not get involved in helping holocaust victims?

because they were looking after their own people

Is it illegal to fly a nazi flag?

It is in basically all of the countries who were involved in the Holocaust (and Israel).

Did they have Mexicans in the Holocaust?

Yes, there were Mexicans involved in the Holocaust, as well as numerous other nationalities. Also, some Holocaust survivers left Europe, and immigrated to Mexico and other Latin American countries.

What is the address for the holocaust museum?

Yad VashemThe Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance AuthorityP.O.B. 3477Jerusalem 91034 Israelthough if you want to find one closer to you, there are museums in all countries that were in the Holocaust and many in the US and other countries not involved.

How is the Holocaust and World War 2 related?

it pretty much laid out the foundation for WW2. after the holocaust began, other countries started getting involved and trying to make a difference.

What did David Irving do in the Holocaust?

He was born in 1938 in Britain and was not involved in the Holocaust.

How was the Holocaust involved in the genocide?

The Holocaust was genocide. See the related question.

What were the main countries involved in the Holocaust?

German, some of Germany's allies and the countries that were occupied by Germany in WW2 - Poland Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, Greece and much of the Soviet Union. --- What do you mean by 'involved'?

Why did Hitler get involved in the Holocaust?

He didn't get involved, he was the one who started the holocaust because he hated Jews. He was part Jew himself.

Was the government involved with the Holocaust?

The German government? Yes. The governments of the various countries allied with or occupied by Germany? Yes. The governments of countries, like the U.S., that were at war with Germany? No.Michael MontagneAnswerThe holocaust was carried out on the orders of the German government. This is something that modern Germany officially acknowledges. In other words, the holocaust was NOT some unofficial or 'private' initiative, and it wasn't a matter of 'excesses' by units running amok. The holocaust was official policy of the Third Reich. The governments of Nazi-occupied countries and of most of Germany's WW2 allies were also heavily involved.

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

What countries besides European countries were involved in the Holocaust?

It depends on what you mean by involved. Some Jews from Vichy controlled French North Africa were handed over to the Nazis, but apart from that active involvement did not extend beyond Europe. However, it you include countries that refused to accept refugees, then one can make out a case to the effect that most countries were in some sense involved by default.

What countries were involved in committing the Holocaust?

Countries Directly Involved in Committing the HolocaustThe Holocaust is the modern day name given to Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews in what was termed "the Final Solution". Because this 'solution' emanated from Hitler and his closest staff it can only be concluded that Germany was the country that committed the holocaust. Having said that, the holocaust was pursued by the Nazis in a number of European countries.Most of the extermination camps were located by the Nazis in German-occupied Poland.Romania and the puppet state of Croatia carried out their very own, national holocaust. There were collobroations from most Nazi-occupied countries, such as France and Lithuania.In World War 2 (from about 1942 onwards) the Waffen-SS acquired a kind of foreign legion. Ukrainian, Latvian and Lithuanian SS units played a significant role in holocaust, and Ukrainian SS guards figured prominently in the death camps.

When was the children actively involved in the Holocaust?

Children were not involved as perpetrators, if that is what you mean.

Was the Holocaust being kept a very big secret to the world or did other countries know what was going on in Germany and Europe?

The sad thing is other countries did know, the fact is other countries were also facing tough times, as it was going on during the war. many countrues were not in a strong enough state to do anything about the situation in Germany and the other countries involved with the holocaust!

Who was involved with the Holocaust Genocide?

The ones who were involved with the Holocaust genocide were the Nazis and antisemites. The genocide that was committed was basically to wipe out the Jews and their Jewish culture.

What did countries do to try and stop the holocaust?

no one tried to stop the Holocaust, some countries refused to cooperate, but that was the extent.

What countries fought with Germany in the Holocaust?

The holocaust began almost as soon as Hitler invaded Poland. It began in small ways and then grew. Most of the world was involved in WW2. Some of the countries that fought with Germany were:ItalyJapanAlbaniaBulgariaFinlandHungaryRomaniaThailand

Why America got involved in the Holocaust?

It looks as if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust.

What was the nature of the us involvement in Holocaust?

Hey, the US was not involved in the Holocaust. I wonder if you are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2.

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