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British Empire, Spain, France and Portugal.

As the British Empire had not been created by that date, and as Scotland had not joined to form the United Kingdom, it was just plain old England. Also, I think you will find that the Dutch had a role in it as well.

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Uhm, you pretty much forgot England...
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Dont ask me im stupid.

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lol here is the answer.
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British Empire, Spain, France andย Portugal.

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Q: What countries were involved in the age of exploration?
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Related questions

what countries where involved in the age of exploration?

Portugal, Spain, and Europe.

What 3 European countries that were involved in the age of exploration?

There were much more than just three European countries involved in the Age of Exploration. However, there were three main countries: Spain, United Kingdom, and France.

Was leif erikson involved in the age of exploration?

No. The age of exploration came centuries after Leif died.

Which were two countries that remained isolated during the age of exploration?

Japan and china were the two countries who remained isolated during the age of exploration.

What people were involved in the age of exploration?

Colombus was involed in the age of exploration. And the Aztecs, incas, and Mayas were imoacted on this alot. Hope this helps!!!

What European countries dominated the age of exploration?

The Age of Exploration was dominated by Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.

What countries were involved in space exploration?


Which countries participated in the Age of Exploration?

The countries that participated in the Age of Exploration were Spain, England, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands. Exploration of the New World included the discoveries of Christopher Columbus, the conquest of the Spanish conquistadors in Mexico and Peru, and the founding of the different colonies by the English.

Which cuntries are involved in space exploration?

you don't need to know if you can't spell countries

How was the age of exploration financed?

The age of exploration was primarily financed by taxes imposed on the citizens of European countries. There were also private individuals that banded together to put up the funds needed for this type of exploration.

Understand to whom the phrases Age of Expansion and Age of Exploration refer?

The Age of Exploration, also called the Age of Discovery, began with Portuguese exploration under Henry the Navigator in 1419. As it continued, a number of countries became involved including the following: Portugal Spain England France Holland Russia (eastward into Asia) Other countries, such as Sweden, were involved, but without lasting impact. The list of explorers, such as Columbus, Magellan, Hudson, and so on, is very long. I am not familiar with the term Age of Expansion, but since I have checked other sources, I am not sure it is a standard term.

What are the three countries that led Europe's Age of Exploration?

Portugal and Spain

What European countries were competing for trade during the age of exploration?


Which countries have been mainly involved in space exploration?

United States, Russia, Japan, Australia, England and France are the main countries.

What coutries were involved in the age of exploration?

Italy, Spain, England/The British Empire, and Portugal.

What country was powerful in Europe during the golden age of exploration?

There were multiple most powerful countries in Europe during the Golden Age of Exploration. They included Spain, France, and England.

What countries are part of the age of exploration?

only European countries took part like Spain, Portugal, and Italy

What European countries were competing for Asian trade during the age of exploration?


What European countries were competeing for asain trade during the age of exploration?


What two European countries helped start the age of exploration?

Spain and Portugal

What were the main goals of European countries during the age of exploration?

Finding riches.

When was the great age of exploration?

The Great Age of Exploration also known as the age of discovery took place from 1400s to 1500s. Just so you know Spain and Portugal were the main countries to spark off this era.

What effects did the age of exploration have on the modern world?

The Age of Exploration introduced New World crops to the Old World and vice versa. It led to European countries establishing colonies in the Americas.

Who was involved in the age of exploration?

This is not all of them, but Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, John Cabot, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leon, Giovanni de Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, Hernando de Soto, Samuel de Champlain, and Henry Hudson are just a few of the people involved in the AOE.

Why did European countries began to gain wealth?

They did because of the Age Of Exploration which was a time when the countries began sailing to find gold silks and spices.