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The only country that is known to be ruled between 1858-1947 by England is India. British had most of her colonies in the early 1600's.

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What countries are currently ruled by kings?


What countries have ruled Florida?

Spain England

Can you list out the countries which is ruled by queen Elizabeth?


What were the names of the countries Queen Victoria ruled?


What were the countries that Adolf Hitler ruled like before he ruled them?

its germany england and france

Which countries ruled sri lanka before independence?


What is the name given to Caribbean countries that were once ruled by England?


What is the origin of the commonwealth?

The Commonwealth are countries originally ruled by the Queen or King of England

What countries historically ruled Vietnam?

England and the Netherlands. It was first England in 1648, it was later taken by the Dutch in 1795.

How many countries did England ruled?

one thing that I know is 1/5 of the world

What are some countries ruled by kings?

Saudi Arabia and Spain England is also a monarchy.

What are the dependent Caribbean countries?

The Caribbean countries that are still dependent are Anguilla, Montserrat and Bermuda all are ruled by England (UK).

Who was the king or queen of Britain in the 1330s?

England and Scotland were separate countries in the 14th century, so there was no King or Queen of Britain. The House of Plantagenet ruled England at the time and the King of England in the 1330's was Edward III who ruled from 1327 - 1377.

Who were the first two countries to make up UK?

England and Scotland, they were both ruled by king James I

Why the name commonwealth games?

They are called the commonwealth because all the countries in the commonwealth are ruled by the Queen of England.

Who ruled England in 1350?

Edward III ruled England in 1350. He ruled England from 1 February 1327 to 21 June 1377.

Who ruled England in 1558?

Elizabeth 1 ruled England from1558-1603

Who ruled in England in 1920?

King George V ruled England in 1920.

How many countries did the British ruled?

British ruled 16 countries

Did any empires or countries rule the United Kingdom?

No, since its formation, the United Kingdom has never been ruled over by a foreign ruler or empire. However the individual countries themselves have sometimes been ruled over, in times before the nation of the UK was formed. England was ruled over by the Normans and the Romans, previously, while Wales was annexed by England.

Who ruled England in the year 1?

it is queen Regant who ruled England in year 1

Is Canada ruled by England?

Not anymore. I don't know when they were ruled but England dosent have any power over Canada anymore. they were once ruled by England but im not sure when.

Were Scotland and England ruled by the same person?

James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1603 and became the monarch of both countries. The British Royal Family have been the monarchs of both countries since then.

How is England different from the US?

she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen she is ruled by a queen

Who ruled England from 1485-1750?

England was ruled by Henry VII since 1485