What courses do you need to become a farmer?

You won't NEED 'em, but if you WANT to..

You don't NEED any courses to become any kind of farmer. In some cases, formal education will help. But there are many successful and brilliant farmers out there who've learned solely through experience. And, I've met a few farmers who think that just because they went to agriculture school, they know everything about everything...and they're usually not very good farmers at all.

Farming is still like an old-world craft, where you can learn everything you need to know by becoming an apprentice of someone who's doing what you want to do.

What you DO need is experience. So any course that offers hands-on experience is good (although there are many internships that will pay you to gain experience, and they won't charge tuition).

That being said, the kinds of courses that will help you as a farmer will depend heavily on what kind of farming you want to do:

*Organic farming - microbiology, ecology; courses that encourage a holistic view of natural systems (especially soils)

*Livestock (dairy, meat) farming - animal science courses, learn basic skills like artificial insemination, delivering a calf, putting an animal out of its misery, administering shots, clipping hooves, etc.; and courses about FENCING

*Conventional farming - agricultural economics, business, marketing, etc.; the chemistry of pesticides

*All farming - courses showing you how to safely operate and repair farm machinery