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What date did all religions begin?

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2009-06-04 02:18:02

Your question may be difficult for some to answer for you

require a direct answer, but simply put it was Adam who offered up

the first prayer (About 7000 years ago) to the same god who

banished him from the Garden of Eden. He was commanded to do so and

so built an alter so that he could come daily and offer up his

prayers to God.

From that time forth men started their own religions but so far

we have no recorded exact dates as to what they became a religion,

though we can assume that some started around or about such and

such a date. Of course we can date modern interpretations of

religions, but pre history gives us little to go on.

ANSWER: c.2900 BCE - Krishna - Hinduism - India

c.2000 BCE - Abraham - Faith in One God (Sabeanism) - Canaan

c.1300 BCE - Moses - Judaism - Egypt

c.650 BCE - Zarathushtra - Zoroastrianism - Persia

563 BCE - Buddha - Buddhism - India

30 CE - Jesus Christ - Christianity - Palestine

621 CE - Muhammad - Islam - Arabia

1863 CE - Bahá'u'lláh - Bahá'i Faith - Persia

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