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What did Babylonians eat?

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Babylonians diet consisted of melons, plums, Prunes and dates. Barley was also their staple crop that they used to make flat breads with. The bread would then be eaten with fruit. Their meat was usually pork, poultry, beef, fish and mutton (sheep meat). Onions and garlic were also common seasonings used for their food. The babylonians did not drink wine, but instead they drank beer which they made out of barley.

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What kind of foods does Babylonians eat?


What does the babylonians egyptians and the sumerians have in common?

they eat pie and pizza

What kind of foods did the ancient Babylonians eat?

Melons, plums, prunes, dates and, barley:D

Did the Persian Empire take down the Akkadians the Assyrians the Babylonians or the Neo-babylonians?

The Babylonians, who had absorbed the others.

Were the Chaldean's the same as Babylonians?

The Chaldeans became the New Babylonians, and they were often reffered to as the Babylonians, so they were really the New Babylonians.

What was the government that the Babylonians had?

what was the government that the babylonians had?

Were the Chaldeans the Persians or the Babylonians?


Where is the babylonians located?

where is babylonians located

What food did the ancient babylonians eat?

Leavened and unleavened breads, locust, fish, beer, shaped breads

What did the babylonians write on?

The Babylonians wrote on clay tablets.

What were babylonians monotheism or polytheism?

The ancient Babylonians were polytheists.

Which people were babylonians?

People in Iraq are the present Babylonians.

Who conquered the babylonians?

The Persians conquered the Babylonians and then conquered Egypt.

Who were neo-babylonians?

they are in mesopotamia and the empire was nebuchadrezzar 2

Where did the babylonians settle?

The Babylonians settled in present day Iraq.

Why did the Babylonians build Stonehenge?

The Babylonians didn't build Stonehenge.

Who was the great king of the Babylonians?

The great king of the Babylonians is Hammurabi

Which empire overthrew the Assyrians in 600 B.C.?

The Babylonians.

What is something that the Babylonians developed?

the hanging gardens if your asking about the neo babylonians

What is the same about Akkadians and babylonians?

the same about the akkadians and the babylonians is that they were both a tribe

What did the Neo Babylonians invent?

The neo-Babylonians invented the system of numbers

What was the religion on neo-babylonians?

pothesists ; look up Muduk(god)

Who made important contributions to astronomy the Medes Assyrians the Chaldeansor the Babylonians?

babylonians. :)

Why is a minute only 60 seconds?

Because that is how the Babylonians decided to divide up a minute. Because that is how the Babylonians decided to divide up a minute. Because that is how the Babylonians decided to divide up a minute. Because that is how the Babylonians decided to divide up a minute.

Why did ancient Sumerians and Babylonians have to trade?

These two civilizations existed about 1000 years apart FYI