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What did Cambodia do in the Vietnam War?

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Cambodia turned poorer and weaker during the Vietnam War because the darn Americans bombed them and Laos for no particular reason.

ANOTHER VIEW: Disagree totally with the original answer.Cambodia offered the sanctuary of their country (which was supposedly neutral in the conflict) to the North VIietnamese military in an attempt to shield their military forces from the strategic strikes and attacks by the US and their allies during the Vietnam War. The reason Cambodia did this is open to question: Possibly they did it because they were politically allied with, and in sympathy with, the North Vietnamese, or perhaps because they were afraid of military retribution against their own country if they did not offer their help. Either way, their allowance of the use of their supposedly neutral country by enemy combatants opened their borders to military incursions by the US and allied forces to eradicate the North Vietnamese military threat. No military or political action was directly initiated against the country of Cambodia or its people.

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Q: What did Cambodia do in the Vietnam War?
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Was Cambodia involved in the Vietnam War and if so what side of the war was it on?

Cambodia was neutral.

How did Cambodia get famous?

During the Vietnam War, the war spilled over to Cambodia.

How did Vietnam war impact Cambodia?

Being so close to Vietnam, Cambodia was able to receive the "over-flow" from it.

Was cambodia involved in the vietnam war?

They were neutral.

Who would win in a war between just Vietnam and Cambodia?


Are there forests in Cambodia?

There are large tracts of forest in Cambodia, despite the deforestation campaigns waged on Cambodia during the American(vietnam)war. During the Vietnam War, there were many forests in Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam. Only Airmen can report on forests for North Vietnam (they're the only ones that got to observe them).

What was the end result of the Vietnam war?

Communist control of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

What was a result of the end of the war in Vietnam?

Communist control of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Where were American troops fighting in 1970 during the Vietnam war?

Vietnam and Cambodia

What country did the vietnam war take place?

South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

How did President Nixon's end the war in Vietnam?


Where did Richard Nixon bomb in Vietnam War?


When was the last war of Vietnam?

1977 against Cambodia

What was the location of he Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was conducted mostly in Vietnam. (That's in Southeast Asia.) There were spillover campaigns into Laos and Cambodia.

Why was Cambodia in the Vietnam war?

Who told you it was, specifically how was Cambodia involved in the war? If you can boil down specifics, then maybe an explanation can be given.

In 1975 Cambodia invaded and conquered South Vietnam?

Cambodia was officially neutral during the war.

Did the Vietnam war happen in the US?

No, the Vietnam War was fought in South and North Vietnam, the adjacent waters, as well as along the Vietnam borders in Cambodia and Laos.

When did France arrive in Cambodia during the Vietnam War?

During the poopy war.

What war took place in 1965-1975 in Cambodia?

Vietnam War

How many people died in cambodia in Vietnam war?

Over 500 US Servicemen were killed in Cambodia.

What part of the world did the Vietnam war take place?

In Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Where was the Vietnam war fought in south east Asia?

North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

What did the End of the Vietnam war resulted in?

in bad resuls

Why did the Vietnam war take place in Vietnam?

Because if it had taken place in Cambodia, it would have been called the "Cambodian War".

What happended to Laos and Cambodia after Vietnam war?

As a result of the Vietnam War, both Laos and Cambodia were destabilized. Their pre-war monarchies were replaced with Communist governments supported by Vietnam and China. In Cambodia, this government was the Khmer Rouge, which was later removed from power in 1979 by the Vietnamese. The Lao People's Republic remains in power to this day.