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What did Nixon do involing the war the Vietnam war?

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He brought in more troops in Vietnam and many people knew that was no use

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Richard Nixon was for or against the Vietnam war?

Richard Nixon was against the Vietnam War!

Did Richard Nixon serve in the Vietnam war?

Nixon served in the USN during WWII; he was commander in chief during the Vietnam War.

What promise did Richard Nixon make to the American people of the Vietnam war?

Nixon promised to end the Vietnam War soon, but Gerald Ford ended it after Nixon was impeached in the Watergate scandel.

What did President Nixon accomplish?

President Nixon accomplised ending the vietnam war.

Who was president when war was at Vietnam?

There were 4 presidents during Vietnam war. Started Eisenhower and ended with Nixon.

Who resigned during the Vietnam war?

Nixon resigned and it was AFTER the war had ended.

Who was president the Vietnam war?

President Richard Nixon

Was Richard Nixon elected during the Vietnam war?

Short answer yes, technical answer no. The USA never declared war on North Vietnam, despite fighting there for nearly 10 years. The Vietnam 'war' was started by Kennedy, escalated significantly under Johnson and was still underway when Nixon was elected so Nixon was elected during the Vietnam war. Nixon also successfully ended the Vietnam war on terms which were above and beyond those offered by his political counterparts who werewilling to withdraw unconditionally.

What role did Nixon play in the Vietnam war?

Upon ascension to office as the US president, Nixon began, and promptly completed, the US withdrawal from Vietnam.

Why did Richard Nixon chose to end the Vietnam War?

Because it was a controversial and unpopular war.

Who was president at Vietnam war?

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford.

Who lead America out of the Vietnam war?

Nixon led, but Ford finished it.

What did Nixon promise about Vietnam during his campaign for the 1968 election?

Nixon said that he would pull troops out of Vietnam. Under a plan called "peace with honor", Nixon planned to negotiate an end to the war.

Nixon involvement in the Vietnam war?

B52 Nixon, Commander in Chief; used the B52 against North Vietnam more than any other US president.

Who all was president of the US during the Vietnam War?

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford were all presidents during the Vietnam War

What war was President Nixon associated with?

President Nixon was associated with both the escalation of and end of the Vietnam War.

What did the American presidents do during the Vietnam war and who were they?

President's Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford, were also the Commander in Chief's of the US military during the Vietnam War.Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford.

What president promises to withdraw troops from Vietnam?

President Nixon was the President who promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam. The term Vietnamization was the plan that encouraged South Vietnam to take more responsibility for the war. Nixon hoped to gradually withdraw troops in this manner, and he succeeded and is credited with ending the Vietnam War.

Who was the president durning the Vietnam war?

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford.

Who were foreign leaders during Vietnam war?

Nixon, Kissinger, anyone not from that nation.

Who made the decision to end the Vietnam War?

The Commander in Chief, President Nixon.

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