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What did Stalin do?

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He killed 20 million Soviet citizens - that's why everyone's so mad at him

Yeah that is true tha he killed millions of people without carrying ... But he improved the Soviet Union, made it an industrial power (that could win the WWII). Education increased (even though it was censored and manipulated). Everybody had a job, unemployment decreased.

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How do you pronounce Stalingrad?

Stalin-grad Stalin-grad Stalin-grad

What was the Stalin era?

The Stalin Era was the period when Stalin had the power in Russia.

Was Stalin a Freemason?

No, Stalin was not a Freemason.

Was Stalin a communists?

Stalin was a communist

Is it Jozef or Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin.

Was Stalin a religious man?

Stalin was an atheist.

Who was more liberal Stalin or Hitler and why?


When did The Stalin end?

The Stalin ended in 1993.

Who would win in a fight between Roosevelt and Stalin?

Which Roosevelt?...and is it normal Stalin or rainbow Stalin?

Was Joseph Stalin in any relationship?

Yes, Joseph Stalin was in a relationship.Joseph Stalin had a relationship.

What is true Lenin was succeeded by Stalin or Stalin was succeeded by Lenin?

I think Lenin was succeeded by Stalin.

What is Joseph Stalin nickname?

Stalin means man of steal in Russian his nickname was Stalin or man of steel

Who was the leader of Russia during World War 2?

Josef StalinJosef StalinJosef Stalin.

Did Hitler hate Stalin?

Yes he hated Stalin

What is Joseph Stalin name?

Soso/ stalin joseph

How did Stalin defeat Trotsky?

Stalin exiled him and had him killed

Was Joseph Stalin a nazi?

No, Stalin was a fanatical communist.

What nationality was Stalin?

Stalin was Georgian (as Mikhail Saakashvili).

Was Josef Stalin Italian?

No, Stalin was Georgian by birth.

What did people call Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin

What was Joseph Stalin sexual orientation?

Stalin was heterosexual.

Who would win in a fight Stalin or Hitler?


What was Lenin's job under Stalin?

Stalin is the successor to Lenin, therefore, Lenin had no job under Stalin. The answer above is false...Stalin was actually commissar of foreign trade.

Downfall of Joseph Stalin?

The downfall of Joseph Stalin was when he died in 1953. Stalin remained in power until his death.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

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