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What did Viking wedding ceremonies consist of?

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A Viking marriage was a contract arrangement between families, as it was in other areas of medieval Europe. Although, a woman's consent wasn't necessary, it was understood a disapproving bride would result in 'unmitigated diaster', whish could cause theendof life or limbto the groom. Three payments were made prior to the ceremony. Two by the groom. One for guardianship for the bride. One to insure her virginity. The third payment was a dowry paid to the groom by the bride's father. Weddings were held on Fridays, sacred to the goddess Frigga. Wedding celebrations often lasted all week.Autumn was a popular seasonafter the harvestwhen plenty of food was available. Honey for mead which the couple drank together was collected during the summer months. Enough mead was gathered for a month-long period known as the 'honey-moon.' The wedding ceremony was the last occasion a woman would ever be allowed to wear her hair loose. Following an exchange of swords, the couple exchanged rings. The groom entrusted a sword to the bride for the birth of their first son. Doorways were believed to be portals to other worlds and spirits were thought to gather around them. It was a bad omen for the bride to trip crossing over the threshold is why the groom carried her over. The next morning the groom presents his bride with the Morning Gift-Keys to the various locks of his house.

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