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Absolutely nothing. That's why it was such an incredible surprise.Michael Montagne

AnswerBreak down of peace talks between the US and Japan.

The USA created ECONOMIC SANCTIONS over Japan as it increase its aggressive forgien policy.

Also, the USA was not in WW2 however it was supporting the allied side. It attacked German submarines to defend its shipping lanes and support Britain in anyway possible, e.g. the Lend Lease Schemes. As Japan was in alliance with Italy and Germany, the USA then became an 'informal' enemy of the Empire Of Japan.


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Q: What did the United States do to Japan so that they would attack back at Pearl Harbor?
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What happened to the United States after the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The United States declared war on Japan.

Was the United States expecting the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack of Pearl Harbor was inevitable. the United States were cutting back on oil supplies from the Japanese in return was retaliation of Japan. Knowing of the attack on pearl harbor maybe but going to a no. An attack on the United States from the Japanese, yes because of retaliation.

Why was it easy for Japan to attack Pearl Harbor?


Which nations were involoed in Pearl Harbor?

Japan, Attack; United States, Victim

Which countries were involved in the attack of pearl harbor?

Japan attacked the United States

Where did Japan attack the United States on December 7 1941?

Pearl Harbor .

What did the United States did to Japan after the attack on pearl harbor?

Three words. IT'S ON *****

What countries were involved in the Pearl Harbor attack?

Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. But there are many more counties

What was Hitlers Response to Pearl Harbor attack?

What happened was when the Japanese attacked the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan and Germany being allied with Japan declared war on the United States.

Who lead japan during the attack at Pearl Harbor?

Commander Mitsuo Fuchida led Japan's army to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor.

What response did the US make to the attack on pearl harbor?

The United States declared war on japan...

Who was hurt on the attack on pearl harbor?

Mostly the United States, but Japan suffered casualties as well.

What if the Japanese didn't attacked Pearl Harbor?

If the Japanese did not attacked Pearl Harbor the United States will forgive Japan. The Japanese shouldn't be attacking Pearl Harbor. The United States will not attack Japan if the Japanese leave Pearl Harbor alone without attacking the US.

What were the countries in Pearl Harbor?

The only country involved was the United States. Pearl Harbor is located in the current state of Hawaii. At the time of the attack by Japan, Pearl Harbor was located in the United States TERRITORY of Hawaii.

What did Japan gain from pearl harbor attack?

The fact that they made a devastating blow to the united states navy.

What was the attack of Pearl Harbor about?

The American Fleet was anchored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was a surprise attack. The United States declared war on Japan. It caused the United States to enter World War 2.

Why was the US caught unprepared for the attack?

There are several reasons why the United States was unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The greatest of these reasons was the United States and Japan were working out a non aggressor treaty. The United States also did not expect an attack to occur on a Sunday.

When did the United states and Britain declare war on japan?

The United States and their ally, the British Empire, declared war on Japan December 8, 1941. This declaration was after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

How did Pearl Harbor attack Japan?

You have some serious reading to do. Pearl Harbor did not attack Japan. The US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor HI was attacked by the Japanese on Dec 7, 1941. The American ships were tied up at their morring points in the harbor, and there had been no declaration of war. This was an unprovoked attack by Japan on the United States.

What was the United States' immediate reaction to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

The United States government took all necessary measures for war with Japan.

How was the attack on Peral Harbor a strategic mistake for Japan?

Japan later found out that it awoke a sleeping giant. That being the United States of America.

What was the role of canadians during the Pearl Harbor Attack?

I dont think the Canadians played any great role in the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was really only between United States and Japan.

Was china involved in Pearl Harbor?

No. China was not involved in Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked the United States in Pearl Harbor. China, however, had been at war with Japan for several years when Japan attacked the United States.

What happend after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The United States declared war on the empire of Japan. japan also attacked the Philippines hours later. The first battles against Japan after the attack at pearl harbor were the battle of midway (navy) and the battle of guadalcanal (marine corps)

Why was the attack on Pearl Harbor important?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor precipitated the United States entry into a state of war with the Empire of Japan. When Hitler learned that the United States had declared war on Japan he, Hitler, declared war on the United States.What had been a war between Japan and China, and between Germany and England boiled over into a World War. Tha war saw the industrial might of the United States supplying England and eventually every belligerant lined up against Germany,Italy, and Japan.It got the United States involved in world war 2