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What did the acadians do?


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they were farmers

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The Acadians were French.

The Acadians were mostly Roman Catholic.

Most Acadians wer Roman Catholic

When the Britain feared that the Acadians could go to France and defeat them they made the Acadians sign a decloration but when the Acadians refused a utrech was signed and acadians were kicked out of there homes,farms,and went going off to France for help

Many were killed the natives also hid many Acadians and some had the gullitine.

little kids is what the Acadians liked to eat

Britain forced the Acadians to leave Nova Scotia because the Acadians refused to take an oath of allegiance.

In 1713, Britain told the Acadians to leave within that year.

The expulsion of the acadians was NOT legal. The british colonies expelled them anyways.

The Acadians wanted to save their land but they were born in France and due to them being French the Acadians automatticaly swore loyalty to the French.Due to this the Acadians were unable and did not want to give their loyalty to Britain and it's rulers.Their born country was more important to most Acadians in Acadia.Ther were 12,000 Acadians living in Acadia and 10,000 did not take the oath and swear loyalty to Britain.So that means 2,000 Acadians wanted land and 10,000 wantted their home loyalty.

The Acadians wanted to murder the Canadian government to take the money from them

The Acadians usually made their own music or danced. And they would play games.

yes we do! the Acadians left the Dykes behind and that proofs it!

Tension and mistrust arising from the war between New France and 13 English colonies led to the expulsion of the Acadians. The British thought the Acadians were a threat to appropriation of the land. The Acadians also failed to make an unqualified oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

Although the Acadians professed to be neutral, some history texts claim that 300 armed Acadians were found in Fort Beausejour when it fell to the British.

The Acadians didn't surrender to the British. Why? Because the British were of different religion and they were not to be trusted.

The French moved to Louisiana in the eighteenth century. When the Acadians settled in they made the french move

The Acadians were French settlers in Canada who were ultimately expelled by the British. They migrated mostly to Louisiana.

The Acadians were passed over to the French and British many times then after Confederation they became part of Canada.

The English. That is incorrect... Great Britain deported the Acadians for failure to pledge their allegiance to the British Crown.

The deportation of the Acadians really hasn't ended yet, and maybe it never will. Each year, descendants of the deported Acadians return on a pilgrimage to Acadia, from all over North America, in search of their roots.

The French and the Acadians

Many places did not accept them.

James Thomas Vocell has written: 'The triumph of the Acadians' -- subject(s): Acadians, History

Yup, the Acadians have butts. But most french don't have any balls. (Pardon my French) Take a peek here for more historical info...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acadians Hope this helps! no they didn't *sarcasticly*

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