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I think the question should be, "What hope did the slaves have on being set free?" The answer is, most had no hope in the 1600-1800's. If you were born or sold into slavery, it was pretty much the end of all hope. Some thought of escaping the Northern states, which had no slaves, but most were captured. If you were running away to freedom, it was a risky job. May men were willing to go without sleep just to find the slave. But, during the Civil War, a spark of hope shone through. And when Abe linclon issued the Emancipation Proclemation, hope was once again restored. Although that abolished slavery, most white people were still racist against them.

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Q: What did the slaves hope to be set free?
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How old was Moses when he set slaves free?

he was only 40 when he set the slaves free

Were slaves listed as freed in the Emancipation Proclamation?

All slaves that were owned by people in the South were set free. Not the slaves in the North. The 13th Amendment set all the slaves free.

When did slaves get set free?


Who freed slaves in California?

Abraham Lincoln set the slaves free.

Could slave owners free their slaves from slavery?

yes the owner could set their slaves free.

When were the American slaves set free?


Did the emancipation proclamation immediately set all slaves free?

No, it set them all free immediately.

Would slaves be set free if they fought in the Civil War?

Technically slaves could not fight in the war unless they had permission from the owners or there owners had made them fight. But at the end of the Civil War all the slaves were set free this is what the civil war was about the North wanted the slaves to be set free but the south wanted slaves as they relied on them for there economy. this was the Cotton indusrty mainly when the North won the war they decleared all slaves free.

What document set the slaves free?

The Emancipation Proclomation

How many slaves were set free in 1865?


What did George Washington do with them slaves?

He said that there could not be any more slaves and he set them free.

How many slaves were set free at the end of the civil war?

All slaves were set free after the Civil War and slavery was banned in every state for the present and future.

What is the name of the movie about the slaves that were set free after a trial proving they were free?


Why was Moses asking for the slaves to be set free?

because God had told him to help god set his people free.

Why did abraham lincoln set the slaves free?

Because it is unfair that slaves had to work all day.

What was the consequence for Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation hoped to set all the slaves free?

It didn’t set all slaves free. It only freed slaves in the states of the confederacy. One of the consequences was the slaves began to follow the union troops and many enlisted as soldiers.

How will you remember Harriet Tubman?

As the woman who set slaves free

How many slaves did Harriet Tubman set free in all?

she rescued over three hundred slaves

How did slaves maintain their heritage?

I guess that when nat turner started his rebellion that is when the slaves were set free i guess

Were the Black American Slaves really set free?

The slaves held in the United States were officially, fully, and irrefutably set free with the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. However, this did not mean that the conditions for the former slaves improved in many areas.

Did Britain come to set slaves free in America?

Since the US became independent of Britain as a result of the Revolutionary War, Britain did not come to set slaves free in America. It was not until after the Civil War that the slaves were freed by constitutional amendment.

What name was given to free communities set up by thousands of free slaves?

maroon colonies

What plans did washington have for his slaves upon death?

He set them free when he died

What year were the slaves set free?

December of 1865-the 13th amendment

A word that means to set free as in freeing the slaves?

No one know