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What did woman do in World War 1?

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Women were nurses in World War I there werent any Women soldiers in World War I and few women leaders.

they did the mens work. some of them went to work in factory's to produce weapon's, some of them made clothes, also some of them went to war as paramedics or amblaunce drivers.

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How many woman were involved in World War 1?

In fighting, none. Woman were not allowed to fight during the first world war.

Did woman join in world war 1 or2?

Yes, there were. A few were in WW1, but a lot of Russian women were pilots in world war two.

What wasmore ocupations woman had during the World War 1?

Nursing. There are many hospitals located on war grounds.

What was life like in australia during World War 1?

During world war 1, woman took over the roles of men, knitting lots of socks and beanies for the men who were off at war.

How did world war 1 affect the US socially?

Men left to go to war and the woman stay to do the mens job

How many died in the axis in World War I?

millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1

What was the effect that World War 1 had on the view of woman?

They thought they had rights hos needta get me my sammich

What are the Differences of World War I and war 2?

world war 1 world war 2 - 1 1 is the answer

What were the role on women in World War 1?

Woman were involved in many different tasks during World War One they nursed, and aided in munitions production and transportation.

The military out come of World War I was decided by what reasons?

where is world war 1 come from?how many years a go in world war 1?what is world war 1?how many people dead in world war 1?who is win in world war 1?how many people live in world war 1?when the world war 1 start?how many helicopter they use?when thwe world war fished?

Were women sent to get information in World War 1?

There were women spies in World War 1. The most famous female spy was Mata Hari. She was a Dutch woman living in Paris that spied for Germany.

Who was the first wwomen in congress to oppsoe World War 1 in?

Jeannette Rankin was the first woman to be a member of the U.S. Congress; she was a very outspoken anti-war activist and strongly opposed World War I.

Why was china in World War 1?

china was in world war 1 because it was a WORLD WAR that would mean it was a war of our world.........

How did you get in world war 1?

I wasn't in the world war 1

Why you should allow woman to work during World War 1?

for preparing food and providing sexual satisfaction.

When does World War 1 began?

1914 World War 1 1939 World War 2

When did World War I and world war 2 started?

World War 1: 1914 World War 2: September 1, 1939

What was the longest war in World War I?

there is none. the longest war in world war 1 is world war 1. it would have to be the longest battle. :)*

How did they do World War 1 and World War 2?

In world war 1,germany started the war,but in world war 2,japan started it and usa ended the war

What did Andorra do in World War 1?

What did Andorra do in World War 1?

Did world war 1 have tanks?

Yes, world war 1 had tanks. World War 1 was the introduction of battle-ready tanks used in war.

What did woman do during World War 1 in America?

Women in America during World War 1 worked as nurses and other medical helpers. These women also stayed home and took care of children and taught in schools.

Was any women involved with World War 1?

no it woman were considered a lower group or lower than men they had no rights then

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