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What do i need to do to get my 1985 corvette running if the distributor is out and it has been turned over with it out?



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You need to find TOP DEAD CENTER of the #1 cylinder (drivers side front). Get assistant. Remove the power wires to the distributor. Remove #1 spark plug. Place your finger tight into plug hole. Have assistant turn the key to slowly turn over motor. When you feel air pressure on finger that tells you #1 cylinder is near TOP DEAD CENTER. Tell assistant STOP.Now, look down to the Harmonic balancer ( bottom big pulley) and line up the timing marks by manually turning the motor over with the belt. You are now at top dead center. Drop the distributor into the hole so that the rotor lines up with the #1 SPARK PLUG WIRE TERMINAL. The distributor will not drop all the way so take your hand and lightly push down on the top of it while your assistant bumps the key a couple of times. Distributot will drop and lightly tighten it. Hook up power wires. Now the engine will start and you can use a timing light to get it to specs.