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You need to find TOP DEAD CENTER of the #1 cylinder (drivers side front). Get assistant. Remove the power wires to the distributor. Remove #1 spark plug. Place your finger tight into plug hole. Have assistant turn the key to slowly turn over motor. When you feel air pressure on finger that tells you #1 cylinder is near TOP DEAD CENTER. Tell assistant STOP.Now, look down to the Harmonic balancer ( bottom big pulley) and line up the timing marks by manually turning the motor over with the belt. You are now at top dead center. Drop the distributor into the hole so that the rotor lines up with the #1 SPARK PLUG WIRE TERMINAL. The distributor will not drop all the way so take your hand and lightly push down on the top of it while your assistant bumps the key a couple of times. Distributot will drop and lightly tighten it. Hook up power wires. Now the engine will start and you can use a timing light to get it to specs.

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9 Location of oil temperature sending unit for a 350 1985 corvette?

It is right behind the distributor. IT is HARD to get to.

Will a 1985 corvette hood fit a 1993 corvette?

will a 1985 corvette hood fit a 1993 corvette

What do you need to do to get your 1985 corvette running if the distributor is out and it has been turned over with it out?

With the distributor out turn the engine over by hand until you get the #1 cylinder to top dead center (if you pull the plug and use something to stick in the plug hole and you'll be able to feel the top of the piston when it it all the way up. Then put the distributor in, probably several times turning the bottom gear until when you put it in the rotor is pointing toward the #1 cylinder. This should get you close enought to fire and then you'll need to adjust the timing.

What should your 1985 Corvette fuel pressure read while running?

key on 34-39 at idle 24-36

Will a 1984 Corvette gas tank fit 1985 Corvette?

yes it will

How do you rebuild a 1985 Corvette preamp?


Can you get butterfly valves for your 1985 Corvette?


Can an egr valve temperature sensor on a 1985 Corvette fit on a 1989 Corvette?


Does your 85 Dodge truck have a camshaft sensor?

In 1985 they called a distributor pick up plate.In 1985 they called a distributor pick up plate.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1985 Chevy Corvette?

I just changed Mine just recently,,1985 corvette fuel pump is in the fuel tank,

Where is the computer located in 1985 Corvette?

I doubt any 1985 car had a computer in it.

Where is the theft deterrent module on a 1985 Corvette?

Anti-theft module, 1985 Corvette. Under dash on passenger side next to the heater control valve.

Will Corvette zr1 rims fit on a 1985 Corvette?

yes you need spacers on the wheels ecklers sell then

How do you fix the mile meter on a 1985 Chevy Corvette?

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Where is the ground wire for the dash cluster on a 1985 Corvette?

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Where are the fusible links for the headlight motors in a 1985 Corvette?

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Can you put butterfly valves on a 1985 Chevy Corvette?

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What type of freon does a 1985 corvette use?


What could be wrong if a 1985 Audi 4000s turns over but will not start and the oxygen sensor light was on prior to noise and rough engine running?

I had that problem on the freeway outside of Boise in my '85 4000s. Turned out it was the distributor, which had shattered on the inside. Other than that, I'd check the EFG valve.

Where in Dallas can someone purchase a used 1985 Corvette for sale online?

One may be able to find a used 1985 Corvette for sale in Dallas, Texas on the Dallas Craigslist. One can also check sites such as Corvette Forum and eBay.

Where is the fuel filter location on a 1985 corvette?

The 1985 Chevrolet Corvette fuel filter can be found next to the fuel tank. The fuel filter will be near the front of the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1985 Corvette?

The fuel pump relay on a 1985 corvette is mounted on the firewall under the hood on the driver side. Just to the right of the wiper motor.

What is the combustion chamber size of a 1985 Corvette head?


Where is the fuel filter on a 1985 Corvette?

next to the fuel pump

What is the spark plug gap for a 1985 corvette?

below link

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