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Historically, the oak leaf is a symbol of endurance and strength. It is also a commonly referenced symbol in religion and mythology. For more information, look up "Oak" in Wikipedia.

AnswerIn the US Army the rank insignia for the rank of MAJOR is oak leaves on the shirt collar. AnswerMajors in the US Army, US Air Force and US Marine Corps, wear Gold Oak Leafs, while Lt Colonels wear Silver Oak Leafs. The significance of the Oak Leaf is, that we have, since Adam, in the garden of Eden, always covered our pricks with leafs. AnswerThere are also oak leaves on award ribbons. Like the Army Commendation ribbon you might see with several bronze oak leaves (1 award per leaf) or it might have a silver oak leaf (5th award). AnswerThe US Navy ranks use a gold oak leaf for a Lt. Commander and a silver oak leaf for a Commander.
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Q: What do oak leaves stand for?
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Are oak leaves monocots or a dicots?

Oak leaves are dicot

How many leaves does poison oak have?

poison oak has five leaves....i think

Are oak trees leaves compound?

Oak trees have simples leaves

What do oak tree leaves eat?

Oak tree leaves do not eat.

Why are leaves of an oak tree not a good sample of normal oak leaves?


What leaves does an oak tree have?

I may not understand the question and I don't think it has anything to do with technology but oak trees have oak leaves.

When does oak get rid of its leaves?

Oaks drop their leaves in the Autumn except the Evergreen Oak (Quercus ilex) the evergreen oak.

What part of the oak tree do caterpillars eat?

Yes, they do eat Oak tree, but only the leaves of the oak tree. Caterpillars eat leaves therefore they must eat leaves off the oak tree. :)

How are oak leaves and maple leaves similar?

Oak leaves and maple leaves both have lobbed shaped leaves. Another similarity is that both trees lose their leaves every year.

What do oak leaf spider eats?

Oak leaves

Why does your oak tree have leaves on it in the winter?

If the leaves are green, it may be Quercus ilex the evergreen oak. If the leaves are dead, that is merely a quirk of many oak tress that do not drop all their dead leaves until the new leaves start in the spring.

What animal eats oak tree leaves?

Squirrels, badgers, and hedgehogs eat oak tree leaves.

Does the seeds of an oak come from the leaves?

No, the acorn is the oak's seeds.

What type leafs do oak trees have?

oak tree leaves

What is a description of the poison oak plant?

Poison oak, which grows as a shrub, has leaves that are shaped like oak leaves and also grow in groups of three to a stem.

Are oak leaves good for lawns?

Any leaves left on the lawn are not good for it. All leaves should be removed as soon as possible. Oak leaves are particularly good for composting.

How many leaves are on an average oak tree?

how many leaves are on an average oak tree? may be about half a millon?

Do the red oak leaves grow alternate or opposite?

Red oak leaves actually grow in an alternating pattern.

Does sand live oak have smooth toothed or lobed leaves?

Sand oak (more commonly called "Bluejack Oak") has smooth edged, spearpoint-shaped leaves.

Why don't oak leaves decay?

Everything organic decays. Oak leaves just decay a little slower than other leaves due to their chemistry.

What color do oak leaves turn in the fall?

the oak trees leaves are three different colors but i dont know what colors

Is a white oak evergreen or deciduous?

The White Oak has deciduous leaves.

Can you get poison oak from the oak tree?

No. Poison Oak is a different species than oak trees. Poison Oak is a shrub with leaves that look similar to an oak trees.

Does the bur oak have simple leaves?

yes it does have simple leaves

What leaves do oak tress have?

Leathery deciduous green leaves