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Prenatal vitamins consist of important vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy pregnancy. A mother to be needs more iron than a non pregnant women. She also need B vitamins, vitamin C, E and D. Due to the needs of the growing baby, prenatal vitamins also contain calcium, magnesium to support bone formation.

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Q: What do prenatal vitamins do?
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How effective are gummy prenatal vitamins compared to regular prenatal vitamins?

Gummy prenatal vitamins are just as effective as regular prenatal vitamins. They have the same vitamins and beneficial factor as a regular prenatal vitamin. Gummy prenatal vitamins are a good alternative because some regular prenatal vitamins may cause constipation.

Can you take expired prenatal vitamins?

I have some prenatal vitamins and they have expired can i still take them?

Do prenatal vitamins affect gonorrhea treatment?

Prenatal vitamins do not affect gonorrhea treatment. Continue your vitamins as scheduled.

Do they make gummy prenatal vitamins?

They make chewy prenatal vitamins but not gummy ones. Prenatal vitamins shouldn't be taken by children, just pregnant women. They have more vitamins than normal.

Are Prenatal vitamins prescribed or over the counter?

Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter and by prescription.

Can you take prenatal vitamins while having an IUD in?

Yes, you can take prenatal vitamins while an IUD is in.

Is there a a substitute vitamin for the prenatal vitamins?

No but the most important thing about the prenatal vitamins is the folic acid. You can substitute prenatal vitamins for a multi-vitamin along with a daily dose of folic acid.

When were prenatal vitamins invented?


I just started taking prenatal vitamins and I didn't ovulate is this normal?

You might be pregnant... Prenatal vitamins do not affect ovulation.

How much do prenatal vitamins cost?

prenatal vitamins cost just a few bucks. And you can find them at wal mart and pharmacies.

Can prenatal vitamins make your breasts grow?

Prenatal vitamins are for pregnant women. Sometimes when women are pregnant their bodies go through changes that include your breasts getting bigger. It actually has nothing to do with the prenatal vitamins.

Can prenatal vitamins work better then birth control?

Prenatal vitamins are to make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals to support a pregnancy. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy. They have different purposes. Birth control does not support a pregnancy, and prenatal vitamins do not prevent pregnancy.

Were can you buy a prenatal vitamins?

honestly you should just go to your doctor and get the prenatal vitamins. im not to sure if gm or drugs stores will have them. i know they carry vitamins and alot of other stuff, but prenatal you will have to go talk to your doc!!

Why do prenatal vitamins make women sick?

No prenatal vitamins make the woman sick. It is due to the hormonal changes that you feel sick.

Do prenatal vitamins help breast growth?

I'm not pregnant and in my case, yes, the prenatal vitamins did make my breasts grow larger.

Where can I get chewable prenatal vitamins?

You can find prenatal vitamins at a pharmacy or you can even ask your doctor who is helping you along with the pregnancy and see what he has to offer for you.

What are neevo caplet Pam?

Prenatal vitamins

Can prenatal vitamins give you energy?


Do prenatal vitamins make you sick?

That is not correct.

Is hCG in prenatal vitamins?

No. hCG is not in prenatal vitamins and will not effect a pregnancy test. hCG is only in prescription medicines that are prescribed to assist in fertility.

How long should it take for your period to start after taking prenatal vitamins?

About nine months, since prenatal vitamins are taken during pregnancy.

What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

Does prenatal vitamins cause you to miss your period?

No prenatal vitamins do not cause you to miss your period - they are vitamins, thus have no influence on your menstrual cycle. Consider that if prenatal vitamins did cause you to miss your period (which would only happen if you missed ovulation) then they would prevent pregnancy, this work against those who were taking them!

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins?

One of the hardest parts of taking prenatal vitamins is the awful taste. Many of them try to hide the flavor with unhealthy additives like chocolate. The best way to combat this issue is the use of gummy prenatal vitamins. These vitamins taste just like the candy because the chalkiness of the ingredients is hidden in the gelatin. This means that the mouth tastes more of the flavors from the gelatin than the chalkiness of the prenatal vitamins. There are other ways to hide the flavor but most of them are unhealthy. It is possible to enjoy taking prenatal vitamins.

Are prenatal vitamins good for you when trying to get pregnant?