What do the French drink?

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The French tend to settle on mineral water and fruit juices as room temperature drinks. They tend to drink tea and coffee as hot drinks. They tend to choose French wines, liqueurs and champagnes as alcoholic beverages.
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Will you still lose weight if you don't eat but still drink specialty coffees like french vanilla or Starbucks and replace food with drinks?

Yes, but remember there is a lot of sugar in syrup - it is made entirely of sugar, and also it is VERY bad for your body to not eat. Your body will go into "starvation" mode and store ANYTHING you eat as fat, so you wont be able to eat anything at all, also your body will burn muscle instead of fat ( Full Answer )

What are some french made drinks?

Café Which is soo easy to make Just buy a ready made one Lol AND LOTS MORE BUT I THINK YOU CAN'T MADE THEM MAYBE JUST BUY THEM!!!

What does drinking do to you?

Drinking alcoholic beverages will take its toll on the body overtime. Occasional drinking is not as bad as heavy alcoholconsumption. The liver, bladder and other systems of the body canbe adversely affected.

What do French people drink?

Coffee, hot chocolate or milk for breakfast. Water for lunch and dinner, wine for some, sometimes soft drinksfor others.

What you drink from?

You can drink from anything that is clean and will hold liquid, these are some common items to drink from...... Cup, Mug, Glass, Bottle, Can, Chalice, Ladle, Bowl.

What is your drink?

If that was to mean what my faveourite drink is then I would say either Diet Coke, Tea, Hot Chocolate or Milk. If not then I don't know.

What are you drinking?

Soon to be a milkshake. I got first post. Woo. That rocks. I'm bored. How are you? What's up? I love Jacob. He's awesome. Ok, well I gotta go. Nice talking to you. Buhbye.

What is a gin and french drink?

The name for it is a "Martini" . Lots of different takes on it, but basically it is Gin, French Dry Vermouth (Noilly Prat), Tonic Water, Lemon Twist. Some say ice, some say no ice to be true to the original.. Some say no tonic water. Some say 1/3 Tonic, 1/3 Gin, 1/3 Vermouth.. Some say 6/10 Gin ( Full Answer )

Names of french drinks?

une boisson au citron - lemon drink une boisson aux fruits - fruit punch une boisson aux oranges - orange drink une boisson gazeuse - carbonated drink une boisson gazeuse aux oranges sans sucre - sugarfree carbonated orange drink une boisson gazeuse à l'orange - carbonated orange drink ( Full Answer )

What do French people eat and drink?

anything really, they eat and drink the same as us. the only thing that is common in Frace and uncommon inIreland is snails and slugs.

French word for tip to order a drink?

"un pourboire" You don't give the tip when ordering, you leave it on the table with the bill when you are departing - assuming you are pleased with the waiter. Tips are less and less in fashion as the waiters' salaries are already included in the bill (line "service")

Famous French drink?

French love a good coffee or hot chocolate in the morning and like coke, but the most noteworthy of all French drinks is of course Champange.

What do French people drink at Christmas?

The French drink wine at Christmas. Usually wine is served withdinner. After dinner people usually drink champagne. Children drinksoda at Christmas.

What do French people drink on Christmas day?

Families or friends often gather for a lavish dinner at Christmas. Kids are treated with fizzy drinks and sodas, the adults drink water and good wines during the dinner. Champagne is often served either before or at the end of the meal.

What drinks do French people drink?

French people drink almost every commonly known drink: coffee, orange juice, seltzer, sodas, milk, beer, and, of course, wine and spirits.

What drinks do the french drink?

Un Café , Un Double , Une Noissette , Café au Lait , Café Léger , Chocolat Chaud , Thé,Thé au Lait and Tisane these are all different coffee's and tea's.

Why not to drink?

One Perspective: It is bad. Another perspective: Drinking is not bad. Europeans have done it for centuries, since drinking beer was a safe alternative to drinking water on long journeys, since water fouls so quickly. If you drink wisely, it can even be good for your health.

A drink in French?

une boisson = eg. We've got ten drinks to choose from.. un verre = eg. I have one more drink before I leave.

What do French kids drink at dinner?

Most French kids drink water at dinner (or at lunch). Some parents may allow their kids to have soft drinks, but this is considered bad for the health and the diet.

What do the French drink for breakfast?

Younger people drink milk with their cereals. Other popular drinks are coffee (black or with some milk), chocolate, orange juice.

What food and drink are at french festivals?

(I copied this of the internet ) . French Food Festivals . Winter food festivals in south-west France. . 'Salon International du Livre Gourmand', in Périgueux, which is based around books on food and drink. Then, from November 26th - 28th , was the turn of the 10th anniversary 'Gastronom ( Full Answer )

What are some specific examples of French drinks or foods?

Boissons (drinks): lemonade (sprite), l'eau (water), cafe ou lait (coffee with milk), cafe noire (black coffee) Foods: pomplemousse (pineapple), fruits de mer (sea food), peche (peach), poisson (fish), pain (bread)

Is cherry a French drink?

Yes , cherry can be a French drink. In fact, a popular alcoholic drink is cherry brandy. Cherry also is a popular flavoring for those who want a sweetly flavored drink.

Why do the british drink beer and the french drink wine?

The short answer is that the English wine tradition was destroyed during the little ice age in the Medieval era. It became too cold for the grapes to survive and all the vines died off. Interestingly, grape growing and wine making is now returning to England as the climate warms. We now see only the ( Full Answer )

French drinks with tartine?

the 'tartine' is a slice of bread you usually eat wiht your breakfast, so you would have some coffee, or tea, or chocolate with it.

A list of drinks in french to choose from?

limonade (carbonated lemonaid) soda Cafe (coffie) (e with agu) the (tea) (e with agu) jus de pomme (apple juise)jus de orange Jus de raisin Jus de tomate

What French People drink on Easter?

they just drink as usual. Easter in France is an occasion to eat chocolate eggs, chocolate hens or bunnies, and to eat lamb. But there's no special thing about drinks.

What can drinks do?

Drinks can help you to rehydrate after you exercise. It can also cause diseases (e.g. drinking too much alcohol).

What is the french drinking age?

There isn't one, exactly. French has no laws regarding an age limit for the consumption of alcohol. However, you can't buy it until you're 16 for beer or wine, or 18 for "spirits" (hard liquor). It's also illegal to give a minor sufficient alcohol to render them intoxicated.

What beverages do french creole people drink?

French Creole is not a designation for a certain group of people.More than 35 counties have creole languages based on French, so itwould depend on what country you're talking about.

Why do French people drink hot chocolate every morning?

The traditional French breakfast used to be bread and butter orjam, with a beverage: mainly milk in the old times, coffee morerecently. Using powder chocolate to put in the milk was verypopular for children, who usually were not given coffee until theywere teens. Now not everybody likes hot chocolat ( Full Answer )

What drinks are french drinks?

Most popular French drinks are: . Wine . Champagne . Pastis (made with anise, licorice and other aromatic plants) . Cognac

What are four french drinks?

The most common French drinks are: Gini- lemonade Mecca-cola- Like coke Orangina- Made from Oranges and tangerines And heaps of types of wine! I really hope this helped :)

What is drinking?

Drinking is a verb which means swallowing a liquid. For example: "I was drinking milk in the kitchen." Drank is the past tense of drink. "I drank some milk." Drinking can also mean to consume alcoholic beverages. "He was out drinking all night long at the nearby tavern."