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What do you NEED on a 1987 350 for it to run right I am trying to put headers on and was wondering about the smog..o2 and other sensors?


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September 29, 2007 11:42PM

O2Sensors, yes unless you use a different carb and even then it'll never be quite right, not like a q-jet or dual-jet.

Air Injection pump and rest of Air injection system: no, not if you cap it off properly. Pipoe fittings made for plumbing with teflon pipe tape work well. Don't let it leak, though or you'll and up running rich and waste fuel and get a hesitation and power loss.

You may need a more modern 3-way non-AIR cat if you want to pass emissions tests without the AIR injection in some states. Keep in mind that disableng any emissions system (even if your car runs clean) might be in violation of a Federal law.