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Pusher bars?

Push Bumper.

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Q: What do you call those bars mounted on the grille of a police car?
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Are the push bars on crown vic police cars mounted to the frame?

Yes they are, the side is tied to the bumber but the big bars going up and down in the front sre tied to the frame. This is the heaviest and stronger part of the pushbar

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Some good places in order to search for and purchase police light bars would be for example "EmergencyCity", "Alibaba", "LightbarLiquidators" and "PoliceOne".

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What equipment can be found on a police car?

Partitions, light bars, interior window LEDs, Siren control box, siren speaker, police equipment console, main light switch box, mobile video system with ceiling mounted screen and recording box mounted in the trunk, strobe lights, headlight flashers, prisoner seats, prisoner protective door panels and window guards, gun rack mounted to partition (cage), spotlight(s), radar system, police horse power booster computer, laptop mount, ticket reading light, push bumper, and believe it or not, more... I install all of this stuff. Look me up on Google: Martel Autos or Martel's Police Vehicles

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