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Partitions, light bars, interior window LEDs, Siren control box, siren speaker, police equipment console, main light switch box, mobile video system with ceiling mounted screen and recording box mounted in the trunk, strobe lights, headlight flashers, prisoner seats, prisoner protective door panels and window guards, gun rack mounted to partition (cage), spotlight(s), radar system, police horse power booster computer, laptop mount, ticket reading light, push bumper, and believe it or not, more... I install all of this stuff. Look me up on Google: Martel Autos or Martel's Police Vehicles

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Q: What equipment can be found on a police car?
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After drugs are found in car who gets to car?

The police often keep the car and sell it at auction.

What is a Z-car?

A Z-car is any of various early models of police car found in Britain.

Where do police get equipment from?

the police station

What is adjective of steal?

stolen. The police found the stolen car this morning.

What equipment do Queensland police officers wear?

What equipment do Queensland police officers wear?

Can police keep your car if there was no drugs found in it?

Each case is different. Discuss this with your attorney.

A sentence with the word flare in it?

the police man found a flare in the house and also in a car

How do police transmit through a scanner?

A less technical answer of how you hear the police through a scanner is much like how you get to listen to music on your radio. There is a transmission site that broadcasts over an area. Equipment such as your scanner is setup to capture those frequencies and play it through the speaker. Many times a police department will use equipment to boost their signals. Equipment which is named a repeater. In some instances such as when a police car communicates with another police car without using a repeater the signal may be much weaker than if they were communicating using a repeater depending on your proximity to the cars that are communicating.

How do you know a marked police car from an unmarked police car?

A marked police car has all the stickers such as Police, Dial 911 ect. and an unmarked car is as it says it has none of those decals to indicate it's a police car.

How do you say police car in french?

A police car is "une voiture de police" in French.

What happens to a stolen car after it is found?

The law requires that the Police Department be notified. The police will then notify legal owner so they can come and claim the property.

What is file false police report?

Example: i call the police and report my car stolen when it is sitting in my garage.. that's a false police report and id go to jail if they found out i was lying.

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