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What do you do if a warrant has been issued for failure to return a repossessed vehicle?

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The only option is to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Once a warrant has been issued by the court the person named is subject to arrest without notice.

The involved party might also wish to have a relative or friend ready to post bond, unless the warrant is for contempt of a court order in which case bail would not be an issue.


The best thing to do is return the vehicle, if you do not have the vehicle obtain an attorney or you can request a court date to go before the judge to explain the situation. "Warrants" are not issued for failure to return a vehicle, body attachments are issued, meaning a court can hold a subject to the first available court hearing. This is not a criminal complaint, but a civil complaint and just appearing in court or maybe filing an affidavit (depending on location) can resolve an issue.

2009-11-26 21:56:25
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What does a bench warrant arrest mean?

A bench warrant is a warrant issued from the bench, as opposed to chambers. These warrants are normally issued for failure to appear.

What happens if you have a bench warrant for failure to comply?

You will be arrested and brought before the judge that issued the warrant.

Can bench warrant be issued for failure to appear in court as a witness?

Yes for failure to appear, or contempt of court.

What are the consequences for failure to appear on misdemeanor charges?

Probably a bench warrant being issued for you for Failure To Appear.

Can you be arrested for not paying speeding tickets in California?

Yes, failure to pay results in an order to appear in court. failure to appear results in a bench warrant being issued. Once a warrant is issued police can arrest you.

Can your license be suspended for failure to appear?

Yes and an arrest warrant may be issued.

Can a bench warrant be issued against you for failure to attend a DUI program?


Is there a statute of limitations on a failure to appear warrant in South Dakota?

There is no statute of limitations on a failure to appear warrant in South Dakota. Once the warrant is issued, it remains in effect until you appear to handle the problem.

What is the statute of limitations for failure to appear in California?

There is no statute of limitation in the state of California for failure to appear. A failure to appear charge results in a warrant being issued for your arrest and that arrest warrant never expires.

Is an arrest warrant issued for failure to pay all of the court fees on time?

It can be in Texas.

What happens if out on o r but cant make it to court?

Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.

In Wisconsin what is the difference between an arrest warrant and a criminal warrant?

An arrest warrant can be issued for something such as an FTA (failure to appear in court), a criminal arrest warrant is issued for an individual who has been charged with a criminal offense, even so they are both basically the same.

What is a Arizona civil warrant?

A civil warrant or a civil arrest warrant in the state of Arizona is generally filed after failure to appear in court. It is basically the same thing as a bench warrant and is issued by the judge.

What happens if you are in jail and another warrant is issued for a failure to appear on another case?

The jail should book you on the warrant and complete the return of service to clear the warrant. You will have to answer the new warrant before release.

Can Failure to appear cause license suspension in Texas?

Yes, and an arrest warrant may be issued.

Can a warrant be issued for failure to appear to court for a show cause order for parentage testing?


Is failure to appear on a DUI constitute a arrest warrant or bench warrant?

When you are required to attend court and don't show up, a bench warrant is issued by the court. It doesn't matter whether the initial charge is DUI or assault. If you are required to attend and fail to do so, a bench warrant is issued.

How do you answer a bench warrant?

Generally, a bench warrant is a process initiated by a court in order to arrest a person. They are different from regular warrants in that they can be issued directly to the police in non-criminal cases. When a bench warrant is used to compel you to appear in court you should follow the order in the warrant. A bench warrant can be issued for some behavior that takes place in the courtroom such as disruptive behavior or disrespect toward the judge. It can be issued for failure to report for jury duty, failure to appear in court when you have been summoned to appear or failure to make child support payments. Most bench warrant arrests are made when the person is stopped by police for some other reason such as a traffic violation. If you are arrested on a bench warrant or you know one has been issued against you you will need to hire an attorney to represent you in the situation.

What is lookout notice?

The term lookout notice is another word for a warrant. A warrant is a writ issued by the judge to have a person arrested for a crime or failure to appear in court.

Does the owner of vehicle have to be present in order to search a vehicle?

That depends on how the search began:If a court issued a warrant to search, then no one need be there.If another in charge of the vehicle gave permission to search, then again, no there is no need for the owner or the warrant.If the vehicle was unattended and searched, it is still gray area because of probable cause.To translate, if probable cause existed; if a warrant was issued, or if 'some person' with 'possession and control' gave permission then the search was legal.

Is there a statute of limitations on an unpaid seatbelt ticket in Ohio?

No. Typically, you will have an arrest warrant issued against you for failure to appear/pay.

Can a car be repossessed AFTER chapter 13 filing in Missouri?

Yes. Only if there was a relief of stay issued for the vehicle or you signed a reaffirmation for the vehicle loan and didn't make the payments.

Can a person be charged with grand theft auto under repossession if the vehicle can not be repossessed?

No, but they can be cited for contempt of court if a replevin or other court order is issued for the recovery of the vehicle.

What is a foreign warrant?

A warrant is a demand issued by a court. An example is; an arrest warrant is a demand for someone's arrest. A foreign warrant is issued for someone in another country.

Is there a statute of limitations in Arizona for a civil warrant for failure to appear?

No, once a warrant is issued it does not expire until the named person is apprehended or voluntarily appears before the court to answer the charges. A FTA warrant is issued by the judge presiding over the case in which the named person was subpoened and is considered a warrant for contempt of court and generally carries an automatic sentence of imprisonment.