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The only option is to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Once a warrant has been issued by the court the person named is subject to arrest without notice.

The involved party might also wish to have a relative or friend ready to post bond, unless the warrant is for contempt of a court order in which case bail would not be an issue.


The best thing to do is return the vehicle, if you do not have the vehicle obtain an attorney or you can request a court date to go before the judge to explain the situation. "Warrants" are not issued for failure to return a vehicle, body attachments are issued, meaning a court can hold a subject to the first available court hearing. This is not a criminal complaint, but a civil complaint and just appearing in court or maybe filing an affidavit (depending on location) can resolve an issue.

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Q: What do you do if a warrant has been issued for failure to return a repossessed vehicle?
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What does a bench warrant arrest mean?

A bench warrant is a warrant issued from the bench, as opposed to chambers. These warrants are normally issued for failure to appear.

What happens if you have a bench warrant for failure to comply?

You will be arrested and brought before the judge that issued the warrant.

Can bench warrant be issued for failure to appear in court as a witness?

Yes for failure to appear, or contempt of court.

What are the consequences for failure to appear on misdemeanor charges?

Probably a bench warrant being issued for you for Failure To Appear.

Can a bench warrant be issued against you for failure to attend a DUI program?


Can your license be suspended for failure to appear?

Yes and an arrest warrant may be issued.

Can you be arrested for not paying speeding tickets in California?

Yes, failure to pay results in an order to appear in court. failure to appear results in a bench warrant being issued. Once a warrant is issued police can arrest you.

Is there a statute of limitations on a failure to appear warrant in South Dakota?

There is no statute of limitations on a failure to appear warrant in South Dakota. Once the warrant is issued, it remains in effect until you appear to handle the problem.

Is an arrest warrant issued for failure to pay all of the court fees on time?

It can be in Texas.

What is the statute of limitations for failure to appear in California?

There is no statute of limitation in the state of California for failure to appear. A failure to appear charge results in a warrant being issued for your arrest and that arrest warrant never expires.

Can Failure to appear cause license suspension in Texas?

Yes, and an arrest warrant may be issued.

Can a warrant be issued for failure to appear to court for a show cause order for parentage testing?


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