What do you do if two single people are on a mortgage and one person abandons the property in Florida?

you got a problem. the mortgage company goes to the second person and they don't care as long as they get the money. if you can't handle the mortgage payments, try to get it refinanced for a lower amount or tell the mortgage company the problem. they rather get some money than nothing at all. if you can get the person to take their name off the mortgage and let you take over everything, that would be great. but you will have to found out from the mortgage company how to go about taking other persons name off. they will tell you , it has to be done by the one that abandoned it.you can get all the paperwork together for the other person and send it. but if that person wants what they invested in the property, the money amount. you may have to buy their portion out or sell it and divide up the money. but if they don't want it then maybe a letter to the mortage company from that person would take their name off.you really need to get in writing what that person is going to do concerning property.