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A warranty should be in writing and be specific about what is covered. If you are having a problem with a covered item, the dealer is obligated to take care of it in compliance with the terms of the warranty. However, if the problem is with a non-covered item, the dealer is not obligated. Your only hope is that they are a reputable dealer and will take care of it as a matter of good will. If it is a covered item and they still refuse to take care of it, contact your local Attorney Generals office to find out what you can do next. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at try looking up the lemon law in your state just type in lemon law and your state in the search bar and it should bring it up

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Q: What do you do if you bought a used car from a dealer with a 3 month warranty and now they will not make things right?
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Where can one buy a 12 month warranty for ones car?

When you purchase your automobile, it will automatically come with a 12 month warranty (in most cases, longer). Your automobile dealer will probably recommend an extended warranty.

How long is the 3DS warranty?

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Can a dealer sell a used car with dry rot tires Haven't even had the vehicle for a month?

Used cars are usually sold AS IS or with a 3 month Warranty. If your car came with a warranty, bring it to the attention of the Dealer. If the dealer refuses to replace your tires or provide you compensation for dry rotted tires, sue them in Small Claims court. If your car was sold AS IS with not warranty, you can still talk to the dealer about replacing the tires, but if the dealer refuses, you have no legal recourse. Moral of the Story: Always get a used car examined by a Mechanic prior to purchase.

i paid cash for a used car only had it a month and a half i bought it from a dealer can i take him to court under the lemon law in the state of ga. ?

Yes the warranty provided by Georgia's lemon law lasts for 1 year after the time of purchase.

What should you do if after a month the certified used car that you bought from a dealer is having engine problems?

give the car in the service

Are brakes covered under a 3 month used car warranty after 2 months have expired?

Highly unlikely, but you can ask the selling dealer. Brake pads are wear items and are almost never covered by a used car warranty. But the dealer may replace them at 100% cost or share the cost with you 50-50. Read the warranty to be sure.

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Remove Car Warranty?

form_title=Remove Car Warranty form_header=Sometimes you decide that you don't want the protection of an extended car warranty. What type of warranty did you have?=_ How much money did you pay per month?=_ Why do you want to cancel your warranty?=_

Are tires covered under the 3 month used car warranty?

Normally they are not covered. Read the details of the warranty to find out.

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