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Depends on the year, if it is a newer truck than the theft system will have to be relearned. turn the key on and let it sit for 10 minutes. on some vehicles this works, otherwise you need to have it done at a gm dealer.

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I changed the ignition switch in a 2004 Oldsmobile alero why wont it start?

Did you activate the anti-theft system when you changed the ignition switch? If it has been activated you will need to have it reprogrammed at the dealer. good luck!

How do you start a Mercury Villager with a bad ignition switch?

You don't. The ignition is required to start the car. If it fails you need a new ignition switch.

How can you start a 1989 mercury cougar with a broken ignition switch?

how can you start a '89 mercury cougar with a broken ignition switch?

Why will a car not start with key but will start by the solenoid?

it should be defective ignition switch...................It could be anything between the ignition switch and the terminal on the starter solenoid. There may be a bad ignition switch, bad ignition fuse or a bad fuseable link.

Where is the 1997 ford escort ignition switch location?

The ignition switch is where you insert your key to start car

Where is the ignition switch located on a 1986 Nissan 300ZX?

when you start the car up that's your ignition switch is located...

Why won't my ford falcon 1999 Au not turn over or fire to start after the ignition barrel was changed?

The barrel is not timed properly to the switch.

Where is the ignition SWITCH on a 1994 escort located?

The ignition switch is in the steering column..that's where you insert the key to start the vehicle.

Car won't start with key switch but will if you jumper over solenoid on starter?

Defective Starter solenoid or ignition switch. Ignition switch is bad.

Is there a way to start the vehicle with a bad ignition?

Sounds like a bad ignition switch

What eles would cause a 96 blazer not to start I changed the starter the starter relay and the neutral safety switch The problem is inertmittent?

Your 1996 Chevrolet Blazer may not start due to a faulty ignition switch. The electronic fuel pump may also be faulty and need to be changed.

Your 1990 Honda accord won't start and you can push start it but can't start from the ignition switch?

might be something with starter/solenoid assembly or the crank wire circuit coming from the ignition switch.

How does a kill switch work?

The KILL switch is in series with the ignition switch. When the KILL switch is open, the bike will not start.

How do i know which part of the ignition switch to replace if car will not start?

The ignition switch is one unit and you replace the entire thing. Do not confuse the ignition switch with the key lock tumbler. They are two different things.

What do you do if your 93 Pontiac Bonneville wont start after changing the ignition?

Changed the ignition?? The key tumbler? The switch itself? The parts under the hood? IF the key, was the part in the column in good condition. Did the key assembly seat properly? If the switch itself, it is adjustable to a degree and may not be in the right place. Under the hood? Depends of what was changed.

What is the correct order of ignition switch?

For most cars, the sequence is... Off, ACC, Ignition On, Start

When putting in a car battery should your car automatically start?

No, if it starts on its own without you turning the ignition switch then the ignition switch is defective.

My fingers slipped of the key when I tried to start it and now theres no power to the the ignition I changed the starter battery and the ignition switch and still nothing What could it be?

u might have broke something the actual ignition lock cylinder, that would be my guess from the sounds of it.

Ignition switch 1996 Honda passport is locked car will not start?

if the battery is dead the switch wont unlock or start

What is an ignition switch in a car?

an ignition switch or starter is a switch that activates the main electrical systems of a vehicle. This normally powers the start motor that turns the engine in the starting up process. . Most vehicles do not have an ignition switch anymore the key in the cylinder acts as the "switch"

How do you know if ignition switch is bad?

If the switch fails, however, you won't be able to start your vehicle

Why does your car want to start as soon as battery is connected without key in ignition?

Stuck ignition switch.

Codes for 92 Camaro anti theft device?

my 92 camaro is fitted with the anti theft device i changed the ignition switch and the car will not start need codes what are they??

What would make a ford contour not start after you changed the ignition switch?

You may have activated security system if theft light flashing when key is turned, needs reset.

What could cause a 1971 Chevelle Malibu to start but doesn't shut off when you replaced the ignition switch but nothing changed Besides the whole ignition system what else could it be?

Something is keeping power to the ignition coil. You need a wiring schematic and trace the wiring.