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What do you do if you wake up and your left cheek is swollen your tooth really hurts and you have to go to work?


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2004-06-11 09:23:35
2004-06-11 09:23:35

Take some ibuprofen or another type of store bought pain reliever and rinse with warm salt water. Take the pain reliever every 4 hours or as directed on the bottle. Don't wait for the pain to come back before taking more, take it before it starts to hurt, hat will make it easier to keep the pain away. And also rinse with warm salt water through out the day as often as you are able to. This should help some, but you probably have an infection in your tooth and need to get into a dentist right away. It will most likely just get worse and worse.


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My cheek was swollen after I had a tooth extracted.

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It may be a bad tooth, but there are a whole range of posibilities

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Buccodental means pertaining to the tooth and cheek.

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Your tooth is giving you an important message. Tooth pain that bad doesn't clear up on its own.

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