What do you do if your eyes get foggy from pool water?

The chlorine in pool water is an irritant to eyes. This irritation causes cloudiness of vision and redness. The cloudiness will go away on it's own a short time after leaving the water. Usually within 10 minutes to a half hour, depending on how heavily the water was chlorinated and how long you had your eyes open in it. If the cloudiness lasts for an extended time, see a doctor. To keep from experiencing eye irritation while swimming, wear goggles or a mask. A: Eye irritation usually is not caused by high levels of chlorine. It is often caused by water that is not chemically balances - - - bad pH levels. Readings in the pH range that are no where near recommendations. Readings of anywhere below 7.2 and above 7.8 will cause eye irritation. The total alkalinity readings are just as important and must be within the recommended range. 80 to 120 ppm. Chlorine levels can be at 10.0 ppm and not interfere with your eyes. k