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Do a change of address form with the post office and let everyone else that is impotant to you know your new address. Thats what I would do.

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What can I do to stop someone else's mail from coming to my house?

Previous tenant refused to fill out change of address form for their mail. How do I get their mail to stop coming to my address?

How do you stop your mail from going to your old address if you do not have a new forwarding address?

If you're already in your new address' city, you could rent out a Post Office box and use that as your forwarding address. Another option is to submit a hold mail request, which would hold the mail until it is picked up. A third option is to forward the mail to a general delivery, but the local post office should be contacted for more information on their general delivery policy. This is a link to the hold mail form on the USPS website:

How do you stop your mail if you are going away on vacation?

You go to your post office and ask them to stop your mail.

What can you do to stop your ex husband from using your address as his on mail and internet it has been 7yrs since he lived here?

Contact your post office and request stop delivery for your ex at your address. Any mail you receive, write "Return to sender: Not at this address."

How does stopping junk mail save the earth?

it makes people stop going on their computers to stop junk mail. If you keep going on the computer, you will use electricity, killing the earth.

How do you stop someone from using your mailing address for all purposes if they do not reside at our address and have it posted on a website We do not have new address they were evicted.?

ask them to stop or if they dont stop take their mail because it is addressed to u

How do you stop your mail from forwarding to an old address?

Contact the sender with you new address and fill out a change of address card at the Post Office.

Someone is hacking into your address book and using it to send mail How can you stop this?


Can you stop someone from using your mailing address?

When mail is received for someone not in the home, the current resident can write 'Not at this Address' on the envelope or piece of mail. The piece of mail should then be placed back into the mailbox for the mailman to pick up.

Someone is using my Hotmail address book to forward spam. How do i stop it?

Just get to know them lol, once you do that they'll stop hahahah

Can you cancel your snail mail from USPS?

The United States Postal Service will deliver all mail. In that sense, no one can "cancel" mail delivery. There are, however, two ways to temporarily stop mail. 1. If going away for several days or longer, you can put your mail delivery on hold. The person must usually pick up the accumulated mail and sign for mail delivery to resume. 2. If you move, you are not bound to fill out a change of address card. However, all legitimate companies can still get your address by other means.

Dose prince royce have an official fan mail address?

Prince Royce does have an official fan mail address. It is, care of Top Stop Music , 909 SE 5th Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483, US.

Who can you contact about your fathers mail being sent to your address after you had a address change and have contacted the local postal service four different times and the problem is still not corr?

You can try talking to the Postmaster at your post office and explaining the problem to him. As the supervisor of all the postal workers who work out of that post office, he should be able to see to it that they stop delivering your father's mail to you, and forward it to the new address provided. If, for some reason, he does not take care of the problem, you can then contact the U.S. Postmaster General.

I moved to the new address 15 months ago. If someone sends me a mail to my old address it will be returned to the sender with my new address. Can I stop USPS to notify the sender of my new address?

* In Canada (should not vary in the U.S.) if you don't notify your friends or family of your new address and mail comes to you (including USPS) they return the mail (including packages) to the sender and not put your new address on it because they are only a delivery service and not related to the phone companies (phone book). It would be wise of you to get a Box number for your mail and pick it up yourself.

How do import address book from Juno mail to Yahoo mail?

Unfortunately , it can't be done. Yahoo does not recognize JUNO. JUNO has no ability to stop serious spam attacks. Get out of JUNO EMAIL.

What can you do if x landlord opens your mail?

You can report it to the police because it's illegal. And put in a request to change your address.. They should stop mailing your mail right away to the old location..

How do you stop email from going to old email address I changed my email address and notified everyone email is now sent to my new address and to my old address which generates a failure notice?

most emails under the SETTINGS tab have something where you can direct your mail to another inbox. Also, on the mail application if you have a MAC computer, you can put more than one email to check at the same time. It's compatible with most major emails. Click FILE and then ADD ACCOUNT.

How do you stop receiving old tenant's mail?

My method was to write, "Return to sender: not at this address" on the mail, and put it back in the mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up and take.Added: Or go to the local Post Office from which your mail carrier operates and speak to the Counter Clerk or Postmaster.

What is the easiest way to stop spam?

Sorry to tell you this but if you received a spam (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail) there is no "easy" way to get the spam stopped. Generally if you reply (unsubscribe) this confirms that your e-mail address is "live" and just gets your e-mail address sold to other spammers. Spam has to be dealt with one at a time. Sorry, it isn't easy to stop the spam. The "Internet" (the collective non-profit and profit entities of the network) is trying to fix this problem but it is taking time. The "easiest" way to stop getting spam is to change your e-mail address and only give your e-mail address to people you absolutely trust, and to NEVER allow the e-mail address to be posted to a web site or posted ANYWHERE on the internet. If your e-mail address shows up on a search engine, then the spammers can find your e-mail address also. Be careful about giving your e-mail address to companies that purport to be against spam. There are businesses that make a good living filtering out spam both on a personal and corporate level. I would suggest that if you really don't want to deal with spam that you get an e-mail address from one of these services (Please note I am not recommending this service, just using it as an example). Do a search: Be aware that no spam blocking software (as of yet) is perfect and you may get "false positives". An e-mail from a friend may be detected as spam and may get deleted as spam or moved to the spam box. If you are required to give a "legal" e-mail address to a company you don't know or trust, you could go to or a similar site and set up a free account.

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How do you stop your daughter from acquiring credit using your home address when she doesn't live at the address anymore?

Aside from asking your daughter to stop requesting credit using your address, you may do the following: * Opt out of pre-screened credit offers (can be done online or through the mail, link is attached to this answer) includes address - will not get rid of ALL acquisition, but will make creditors think twice about sending mail that your daughter can use to get credit using your address * File requests with the credit reporting bureaus indicating that your daughter no longer lives at the address. * Send anything back that you receive from the creditors with "Wrong Address" written on the unopened envelope. * Finally, ask your daughter to stop requesting credit using your home address.

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