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Here's the keys.

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Q: What do you say to the reposession man?
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In the state of North Carolina does the reposession man need a Writ of Replevin in in order to repossess a vehicle?

habeas corpus

What are the Ohio reposession laws?

there are no Ohio repo laws aslong as you don't breach the peace. I am a professional repo man

A vehicle under reposession is on my property?


If convicted of felony can you get a reposession license?


You bought your car privately and didn't transfer title the guy who sold it to me took it right off the street is this reposession or theft he called it reposession?

I would think theft

What is 'recovery of capital'?

it means the retrieving of money or collateral. This act could be done by a reposession agent ie:repo-man. This is one meaning. it could mean something else entirely.

Can a reposession company threaten you and say they will press charges against you in the state of California?

NO! Especially in California. It is illegal to threaten you period. My advise is to get a lawyer asap and have them take the case.

What are South Carolina laws for reposession?

See the related link.

Can you have your wages garnished in Texas to pay a reposession off?


Car was repossessed with you sitting in it and it was in your backyard and cops were called by repo man to make you get out of the car is that considered breach of peace?

YES! reposession is a civil matter, reposession men have been sued over cases like this and lost. He should have approched you and stated he's there to repo the car because your behind on payments and if you declined, he should have left and came back later to get the car.

What is the penalty by law in Florida to hide a car to avoid reposession?

well you only get in trouble if you get busted. so the best thing to do if you get busted is to say that it was in your buddys grage while he worked on it.

What are the guidelines for vehicle reposession in California?

I am presently two months in arears in payments to the bank. I am presently looking for work with fairly good prospects How can I prevent reposession of my vehicle which is critical in persuing job search?

Are you able to get a car if you have a reposession on your name?

This depends upon your credit score.

Can you keep your car from reposession?

Keep the car at a relatives or friends garage

Can you say a random man?

we say a random man bumped into you?

By law how many days does your payment have to be late for a reposession to occur?

Usually one.

What is the term used when your vehicle is taken from the owner when payment agreements are not met?


What is the largest amount a reposession cost can be in California?

There is no set limit on the amount that can be charged for a repossession.

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How do you say old man in Russian?

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Does a voluntary repossession affect credit the same way as a reposession?

Yes, there is no difference. A repossession is a repossession.

Can the police get involved in a car reposession from a car dealership?

No they can only be present if you are being sued, or there is a disturbance

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