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I use a mixer, either a hand mixer or a stand mixer. If you have neither one may use an old fashion egg beater or a whisk. If one does not have that a large spoon will work it just means a little extra effort.

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Can you use cake mix as cupcake mix?

Yes, cupcakes can be made with a cake mix.

Can you use a cake mix to make a guava cake?


Do you use all the cake mix when making a cake?


Can you use a regular cake mix when a pound cake mix is called for?

i wouldn't because a pound cake is much more dense than a normal cake.

How do you make Harvey wallbanger cake without orange cake mix?

Use a lemon or yellow cake mix and use orange juice as the liquid in the mix. Also you can add grated orange zest as well.

Is there cupcake mix?

I think so but most people use cake mix. If you want to avoid "mixes" you can use a cake mix substitute like the one in the link below:

How many boxes of cake mix to use for a 12 inch cake?

You can actually use one box alone but it will be thinner. you can actually use the amount of boxes of cake mix you want it will just get thicker.

Can you use cake mix for donuts?

can iuse cakemixer to mix donuts

Can you make cake pops with cake mix?

Yes. It is one of the recommended ways to make cake pops. The results are consistent. Many professional cake poppers use cake mix as their base.

Can you use two boxes of cake mix to make a bundt cake?


How much mayonnaise do you use in a cake mix?

I have used 3/4 cup of mayonnaise in red velvet cake mix. It makes the cake so moist.

Can you use the muffin mix for a cake instead of muffins?

Yes, just put the mix into a cake tin instead of into muffin cases.

How many mini cupcake does a cake mix make?

well if you use Betty cake mix you can make 24 mini cupcakes

Can you use a cake mix that has expired but has been in the freezer?

i dont think it matters whether or not the cake mix was in the freezer because its out of date.

How do you make your cookies more like a cake?

use cake mix to make cookies,

Can you use regular store bought cake mix to make the cake pops?


How do you use white cake mix to make a yellow cake?

Use whole eggs instead of just egg whites when making the cake.

Is it better to use cake flour when making cake mixes?

If one is making a cake from scratch I think so, but I do not usually have cake flour on hand so I use all purpose flour. If your baking from a mix, the flour is already in the mix.

Can you mix homemade cake mix with storebought cake mix?

Of course!

Can you use Duncan Hines moist delicious cake mix after date?

Of course you can. Cake mix has an expiration date, but it means nothing. I once used a cake mix 2.5 years after expiration, and it was still great.

How do you use cakes out of a brownie mix?

You cannot really make a cake out of brownie mix.

Can you use cake mix instead of flour when baking a cake?

A cake mix has sugar, baking powder, salt and flavoring already in it. That would make it very hard to use in replace of just the flour in another recipe. If you have a cake mix, make that cake, following the instructions on the package. Although, you can modify most cake mixes by adding nuts, flavorings, fruit, etc. to it.

Why use water in box cake recipes?

When a boxed cake mix calls for water only, it usually will have milk in powder form in the mix.

How can you make a peanut butter cake from a cake mix?

first you can add milk and peanuts in a blenders; mix until it is smooth. After while you are mixing the cake mix add the mix to the cake mix

How long Can you use cake mix after best before date?

It is best to only use cake mix after it has expired for a few months. Any longer and it should just be thrown out.

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